Electrical Can I swap in an Electronics package screen?

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  1. I recently purchased a 2013 GT convertible. Unfortunately, it did not come with the electronics package center screen. I would really like to have one.

    I imagine all the proper cabling is already installed for it.

    Do you think I could get one from a wreckers yard, and have my Ford dealer install it?

    Would it be hard? Has anyone ever done this?

    Your suggestions and ideas appreciated.

  2. It's doable but, I don't think the cabling'll ll be lying there just waiting for you to plug it in, you'd have to DIY. It would be a challenge. Your Ford dealer would likely tell you to pound sand if you brought them a used tech screen and told them to put it in. The screen does alot more than just display stuff, it's integrated with all the sub-systems in the stack, HVAC, NAV, Rear cam, audio. You'd also need all the tech pack switch gear and fascia plastics.
  3. Not sure if it's any different for the 13s, but my son tried to get the dealer to upgrade his '12 when he bought it, offering to pay the difference to buy the parts and have the shop in the back do the swap. They told him that it was too complicated.

    There's quite a bit of integration with the NAV screen and the car's computer; I don't think it's just plug-and-play. If I were you, I'd start looking at aftermarket options; they'll be cheaper if all you want is a good NAV/bluetooth/stereo setup.
  4. Good luck at finding the electronics package in a junk yard also
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  5. This is a mod I'm planning on doing a little down the line. I took one look at the stock Ford GUI on the Sync and asked the rep if it was a joke. It's horrendous. I'm gonna cut out the entire media portion from the center console (everything above the climate controls) and install a tablet in there. All that's needed at that point is to connect the sound and power cables and fabricate a new (3D print) enclosure for the whole thing. At that point, I'll have all my music loaded, have access to Pandora, and Google Nav, and anything else, really. There are plenty of apps out there that give you a great CarPuter GUI and the app Tasker lets you create multiple setting profiles (If on A/C and not connected to WiFi, turn on car settings).
  6. I saw the tablet idea in one car. I forgot what car, it was some car company's car. Great idea. If anyone knows what car I am talking about please respond, I would love to look more into it.
  7. Just do a google search for "tablet carputer." There is a bunch of information on it.
  8. That's a pretty cool option. Definitely bookmarking that for future consideration. There are two things I'm not a fan of. The first is that it's running Gingerbread. Does Google even support it anymore? Also, it makes no mention of access to the Play Store, where, even if Google still supports Gingerbread, app developers have likely moved on. I'd want a device I could update. Second, it only has 4GB of internal storage. That's not enough.
  9. Yeah, it's not perfect but hopefully it leads to more (and better) options in the future .