Can I upgrade my fuel pump ahead of future blower?


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Jan 29, 2002
I suspect my stock fuel pump is dying after 19 years. If I let the car sit, it sometimes wont start without many attempts. I'm going to check for power at the trunk IFS switch (found an old WMBurns thread).
I plan on a blower in the future. Can I upgrade my fuel pump now while its still NA or will this cause issues? I have full bolt-ons and a SCT custom tune (american muscle).

Found this on LMR. A decent choice?

BBK 300lph pump on LMR
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Note. That IF the capacity of the fuel pump is upgraded by a large margin this will create a situation where the PCM calls for a specific FPDM duty cycle based upon the tables inside the PCM. IF the fuel pump is way too large this will cause a "spike" in fuel pressure. The PCM will respond by shutting down the FPDM. This will cause the fuel pressure to drop. PCM will turn the FPDM back on.

Wash, Rinse, repeat.

I have no idea just how much extra capacity is too much.

Also suggest that you monitor the fuel pressure before cranking. This will give you confirmation that a lack of fuel pressure is causing the long crank problem.

If there's no power at the IFS, then your problem is upstream towards the CCRM. Otherwise look towards the FPDM/Fuel pump.
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