Can someone do a simple photoshop for me?

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  1. I am thinking about painting the top of my car black, and I found a car that has it done exactly as I want mine done, so it will make it alot easier for you. just change the bottom part to DFG and if you can, shave off the cobra hood parts and make it look like a stock GT hood and make the cowl DFG also.
    Heres the picture I want photoshopped.

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  2. lol, that's a pretty extensive chop there dude
    that's probably why a few people are not doin it
  3. Really? I always thought it was simple to just change colors.
  4. :lol:
  5. yeah dude, thats a hard chop, look at all the diff shading thats on the car and the reflection, not to mention shaving parts can be a bit tricky too, most thing that are done are just coverups. unless you really want to get into.
  6. I dodnt think it was hard at all. Ive seen tutorials where you just "lasso" the area you want to change, and do some other crap, then just adjust the colors till you get it right. :shrug:
  7. Color change isn't hard at all. Changing the hood and **** is pretty extensive though. I will do it if I get some time, which I probably will soon. :)

    But, BTW, that car is badass!!
  8. I dont really care about making the hood look like a stock GT one, I have a good imagination, and I know its hard to change black. But if someone could change the bottom to DFG that would be awesome. :nice:
  9. Why do I need to change the top black? I thought you want the top black and the bottom DGF? Maybe I am confused by your first post...
  10. No, the top stays the same, but I need to see what it would look like with the bottom AND the cowl green. Its already black where thew cowl is, but I want to see it in DFG.

  11. maybe hard was the wrong word for it... time consuming would be a better one.
  12. Real quick and probably not that good ,but it might give ya some sort of idea. Like everyone else said its time consuming to do the cowl and hood and stuff. Good chops take TIME.

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  13. Thanks.

    I can barely see the green from the black though.

    But I think Im gonna do it. I think It will look awesome.
  14. Cant be that hard. Someone on another forum did these pretty quick. But I know nothing about PS so maybe hes just really good. :shrug:
    He didnt get the color exact though, but I have a really good idea of what it will look like now.
    So what do you think?

    This is the one i thinks the closest, so yay or nay? I think it looks awesome.

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  15. Eric...........that car is B A...................that color scheme works for me.......:nice:
  16. That car looks SICK! I love it! I'd make the cowl black though. I think I just got myself a new desktop background :D
  17. Yea, I am thinking about making the cowl black. and its my background too. :D
  18. i think it looks awesome. anybody know what kind of rims those are?
  19. wow that green/black looks awesome