Can someone help me out with my 1994 Mustang GT

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  1. well after the minor stuff iv done to the car its treating me well... the fuel filter helped alot also the radiator hose... after i changed two simple things it hasnt choked like it would before and then i got a STP fuel system cleaner dumped it in my tank and then it really gained alot of horses like i cant explain... then i cleaned my maf and its senor that was just unblvable now its really easy for me to kick ass lol and im still waiting for the sea foam... im really curious whats gna happen
  2. i asked if i can get a tranny flush and they said that if they do it there might be a risk that your car wont turn on?
  3. and i got my motor flush 10w30 mobile 1 synthdec what ever its called...
  4. i did a small drag with a camaro z28 i roc and supriseingly my hood was on his rear fender... thats a good sign because when i first got my car damn was it bad...
  5. can some one please replay... i did my maf cleaning... what eles can i do after the sea foam? please help i feel more power lol
  6. :shrug:

    I would consider that bad, but that's just me.

    If you car is running "fine" now, you wont be gaining on an IROC by adding sea foam and STP fuel treatment. Time to do some mods...Pulleys, gears, exhaust, some simple bolt-ons.
  7. tell me the best of the best to get simple mods like what exactly... tell me the stuff to get and ill get it and ask them whatever u tell me... i mean can the mechanic understand me if i said i want a pulley and exhaust isnt there more details to it plz tell me
  8. for you might like advancing your timing to 14* degrees but you gotta put in 93 octane.

    get gears and youll be happy

  9. ok, so your car is a stick shift or automatic transmission?? :shrug:
  10. Just so you all know, Seafoam may not do anything. It won't hurt, but if your engine doesn't have any carbon buildup it won't do anything. Basically follow the instructions. If you don't see any smoke in your rear mirror, then you didn't have any carbon buildup. It's definitely worth doing, I always keep a can handy. :nice:
  11. wtf are gears man? idk kno this stuff please teach me im new to all this stuff... ok so i got to a mechanic and tell him i want gears in my rear?
  12. wow, I personally think we have a troll here guys. this statement on a thursday night pretty much says it for me. He's half lit and TRYING to sound stupid at this point as far as I'm concerned....
  13. ok buddy thanks for the support i came here for help and ur doing great
  14. You can start by NOT typing in "IDK". That's for young kids typing text messages.
  15. yeah, and I asked you a simple question if your car was stick shift or automatic and you start talking about gears in your rear. I mean damn man, you want help, why not read and respond to questions with correct spelling and punctuation. The way you reply to people makes my head hurt. :nonono:

    also, what mechanic is this that you are going to?? a chain shop like firestone??
  16. I apoligize... its automatic. and the mechanic i go to is a mechanic from a bp gas station
  17. :lol::rlaugh:
    Unless that mechanic is a Mustang Guru that just has that as a side job, I would NOT let them touch my car...You need to find a performance shop or get to know some guys on here from more of your area and ask for help. I guess the mechanic could put pulleys on your car and advance the timing, but not much more.

  18. I agree. stay away from the bp gas station. even with your car the way it is, shop around a few places for a better price. also, sounds like that guy at bp could see you a mile away and basically said everything was fubar to get more money from you.
  19. Do you really want to learn about your car :scratch:

    If so :shrug:

    You need to associate with other Stang Gearheads :Word:

    Go to the local hang out where other Stangers are gathered

    Find a local Stang Car Club

    Also ... quit paying someone to do stuff to your car :nono:

    B E F O R E

    Talking to the folks here who will help you do it yourself and save you money

    You could have done that upper rad hose for around 10 bucks and used
    the rest of the money to do your first power mod and got some used
    pulleys with the rest of the money you gave the gas station dude.

    Welcome to the site and I wanna make my Stang Faster Community :)

    You found some good dudes here on this site like RC, JT, and MANY others :nice:

    Just relax and learn a bit each day ;)
    and before you know it :eek:
    You'll be helping others who ask the same Q's you now ask :D

  20. AMEN ^^^

    seriously, you need to read and do research on the certain type things you want to make your car to perform better. like stated before, stay AWAY from the bp station mechanics and find local stang clubs