Can someone help me out with my 1994 Mustang GT

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by enycezc3m, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Sounds like the BP mechanic pointed out some pretty important items I'd do to a used car purchase, such as tranny filter/flush, oil change, fuel filter, hoses, etc.. These maintenance items are not always done and should be (as basic as they seem). Whether the mechanic is honest/reputable is up to you to decide. I agree a second opinion is good and will help decide entegrity of a bussines. If you want to drive the car and don't own any tools or have the know-how, remember education is not cheap. Whether you pay some one to do it or try to do it yourself and then pay more to get it right, education can cost. I can't bash anyone for doing their job, "mechanic" or "performance shop". I won't bash anyone for trying to learn and do it them self either.

    This site and others like it can give you some info that will save you some coin, but if the car has to get you to point "B" tommorow then you might have to hire a proffesional.

    It would be great if fellow mustang fans can help you out
  2. thank you everyone i did everything step by step it was alot of fun. i think i want a strong upgrade do u know any? i want atleat 300 somthing horses what do u recommend?
  3. heads,cam and intake manifold, are gonna be the best bet for making n/a hp...
  4. supercharger!!!
  5. if the car is a daily driver, get a super charger with a good tune

    if its a weekend toy do the H/C/I thing
  6. i want it as a daily driver just beast
  7. It's great you're so excited about this, but you seriously need to find a real mechanic. The best way to find a GOOD mechanic is to ask around ALL the local engine builders, hot rod shops and any car clubs/Mustang clubs. Chances are, you fill find that a few of them recommend the same guy. Use that guy.
  8. you guys know any cool stickers to put on the 94 gt? i am so into all this right now i thought my car was gna fail on me guess i was wrong i did the minor stuff now i want extream performance as a daily driver. its the best feeling when u rape imports on the streets lol and highways... i have two straight pipes and im thinking of putting on a muffeler because i dont have one on please help me brain storm this beast and then i want to post videos up of the car thanking you guys...:D