Can someone ID this Boss steering wheel?

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  1. I'm hoping someone will take a look at this picture and chime in, as to what year this wheel might be from. I have the other thread about swapping out my stock GT premium wheel for the alcantara suede wheel. I just received this one today from Roush via their ebay listing. It's not like the one in the description and I'm concerned about fitment issues with buttons that might not work or be compatible. I already have an email in with them to likely replace it. I'm just wondering if this is from a 2012-13 Boss? or if it's a navigation cluster? I remember reading that the newer units have NAV cluster buttons built into the steering wheel.

    Thanks for any help. IMG_5029.JPG
  2. For what its worth, I do have the stock, in dash navigation system in the car as well.
  3. Looks like a GT wheel to me. Menu buttons for the in-dash bells and whistles, launch ctrl, etc.
  4. But the thing is, I already have the GT wheel, the only difference between the one that's on the car and the one I ordered is the suede wrapping. Here's the one I ordered. It's identical to mine ( only in the photos) what I received has the 4 way arrow buttons. The rep at Roush wrote me back and told me they'd replace the one I received if I wanted, at no cost to me, but that the one I received was actually a better version. He hasn't explained how it's better, or its fitment issue, since he left for the day right before he replied.

    This is the wheel I ordered. What I received is in the picture above.
  5. The directional pad looks like the one for my nav. Not at home, so I can't go look at it right now to confirm.
  6. One of the dudes I work with has the wheel you pictured in his 13 GT. I used those directional button to play with the center display. I finally settled on the AFR meter after going through the options a bit. I would imagine that functionality might differ depending on what electronics package you have. His had no nav. That's as close to an explain as I've got.for ya... someone else should come along shortly with more/better info.
  7. I got a reply today from Roush and they confirmed that the unit they sent me incorrectly was for a 12-13 Navi equipped Boss. Ford changed the wiring and it isn't compatible with my 2011 Navi unit. They were willing to send out the proper one I ordered first, instead of waiting for my return to arrive back to them, which I appreciate. I'm really looking forward to getting this on and done with. In the last week I've done the intake and tune, I just bought the axle backs 10 minutes ago, and after I get the MGW shifter and a lower suspension, I can come back up for air for a bit :)
  8. I didn't think you could get Navigation in a Boss 302. You can't get the shaker audio either. That steering wheel looks like the wheel in my car except mine is wrapped in black leather with white stitching instead of alcantara. The ok button and directional arrows are to work the track app.'s in the 4" display in the dash.
  9. So that is a 2013 Boss steering wheel.
  10. You sound more correct than the information I was given. I'm just sharing what I was told by the guy on the phone. He wasn't an engineer or anything, just the sales guy on the phone who corrected the mistake.

    It makes more sense that it would work for launch control/ track apps. I can't imagine anyone being able to tediously control input for a Navi when you can just touch the buttons on the screen. You're not going to be able to spell out words quickly or safely enough while driving with just up and down arrows.