Can Someone Identify This Mustang?!

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  1. We just bought this 2012 Mustang V6 Premium and it has a SVT badge on the back. The salesman said it had to do with the brakes...


  2. I hope it's just some aftermarket nonsense.
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  3. That's exactly what it
  4. Do you know how to tell when a car salesman is lying.........................when their lips move
  5. Well the only things I can find is that maybe it was created/designed/developed by the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) division of Ford Motor Company. That or the brakes (as the salesman claimed) had to do with the Mustang Cobra SVT, which also meant Special Vehicle Team. I will say the first one though. Perhaps the salesman was just told something else and used it just to try and make a sale.

    I found nothing about SVT brakes other than replacement parts to brakes on the Cobra Mustang SVT. I don't think yours is a cobra though. Wikipedia says those stopped production in 2004

  6. I doubt that SVT had anything to do with your V6 Mustang.. AFAIK every Mustang SVT's had their mittens on is a V8..
  7. They had nothing to do with mine. (And I never said they did) However, they very well could have had something to do with the one this user is posting about. It is the V6 Premium which means that it could have to do with horsepower or gas mileage...either one would work
  8. Someone put an SVT badge on the rear of your V6. That's about it.
  9. I still think that they had something to do with either the power of the V6, or the gas mileage. My opinion. Who knows, maybe they worked on the brakes as the dealer claimed.
  10. A lot of people have "premiums". It has nothing to do with svt. Like the others said, it's just a badge. It's not a one-off car with upgraded brakes or anything.
  11. Well why put the badge on there if it has nothing to do with it? Sure, an owner, but not a manufacturer.
  12. Is it a brand new off the line car? Op never specified.
  13. Idk, I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt and not rule anything out until it is known 100% what it is about.
  14. SVT doesn't do anything with V6 Mustangs. Someone popped an SVT badge on, possibly trying to pass it off as a more expensive model. The only non-V8 Mustangs that FoMoCo did were the SVO back in the 80's, before SVT existed.
  15. Like I said, not to take anything away from your new car, but SVT DIVISION only worked on special vehicles like the lightning and cobra and a couple years of the Focus. It was the whole package of the vehicle not just a part or two. There is now only the SVT Raptor and SVT package of the Shelby. That's it. Someone put a badge on the back or somehow the vehicle was misbadged. They never worked on any V6's. Only the V8's and the 4 cylinder focus and like I said it was the whole SVT package. All or nothing. I hope you didn't pay any extra for the badge.
  16. ^This^
  17. SVT did a 4 cylinder Focus, don't forget the "little guy"
  18. They did a Contour, too. :nice:
  19. Oh yeah, I forgot about the SVT Contour!!
  20. It's just a badge someone put on. The car has the same brakes and HP as any other '12 V6

    The term "premium" just means it comes with more standard features like the better radio, leather seats, different wheels etc. The "deluxe" model is usually base model. Premium just means "not a base model"

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