Can Someone School Me On Cam Specs?

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  1. Can someone gimme the skinny on what cam specs mean like duration, lobe sep, etc? I'll use this cam for example.

    Valve Timing:.006
    Lope sep: 110*
    Intake centerline: 106*
    Duration: 281 in/ex
    Duration @ .050 lift: 220 in/ex
    Valve lift: .512 in/ex
    Lobe lift: .32 in/ex
  2. it usually happens during high rpm , pretty much the valve lose contact with your cam, and they dont fully close . so pretty much the force of your comubustion pressure overcomes your valve springs due to higher rpms.
  3. Valve float is just as @ DTARS stated, this is when the cam and valve train start to lose contact with each other. There can be several causes, one being too steep of a lobe profile or ramp rates that far exceed the spring pressure and or springs that are worn and no longer have the same capacity that they were initially intended to have. Typically this is a higher rpm problem and with either weak springs or springs that are not suited for your valve lift/profile is where you will run into this. This is the reason that everyone suggests changing the valve springs with a GT40p head swap for example.
  4. Ah ok thanks guys. In regards to float that's kinda what I was picturing
  5. well said ,84Ttop
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