Can Someone Tell Me Alittle About This Set Up?

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  1. I am new to mustangs. I bout this car already built by looking at pics and parts on the net I haven't been able to figure out what is going on here. Some one ground on the edge of the intake for the iac valve to fit. I looked up the parts number on it and it is listed for an older body style lightning. I can not find a name or part number on the throttle body anywhere. Also my maf is not in a housing that bolts to a cold air intake like I have seen the ones online. Sorry for the stupid questions but I am not sure if someone pick parts from random cars or if this is after stuff. I have attached a couple pics. Any info at all would be great. Thanks u3epu4eh.jpg 6azatazu.jpg
  2. The maf is ok like that. Is it running bad? Ohh I think I know what they did. The 94/95 intakes have a an elbow and if one buys an aftermarket intake they have to buy an elbow adapter. What they did was rig it where they didn't have to buy the adapter.
  3. It's got the classic surge. I was thinking about upgrading something's but I am not sure what I already have. It kind of looks like a fox body set up. Reason I was thinking about some upgrades is the motor was built in 09. I'm sure most of the bolt ons are outdated now and it doesn't have the power in 2nd and 3rd gear that I think it should have.
  4. Yeah that's a rigged fox type setup. You could go back to 94/95 style by getting the elbow adapter and get a parts house iac for 94/95 gt. What cylinder heads are on it do you know? As for parts being outdated there hasn't been much new for the 5.0 302 in 20 years.

    *edit* Go to and look for intake manifold adapter
  5. Edelbrock proformer epms. I'm not sure which ones. I pulled the valve cover and the only number I seen was 6025. There is a couple sets that the number starts with 6025. This is what I hate about buying a car someone else has built. It is supposed to be a 331 hell it may be a 302.
  6. If you have the $ you could take it to a dyno and they could see how it's running. Air/fuel ratio and such and You'd know a little more about what's going on with it. With those heads and 331 cubes I'd guess you should be over 300 rear wheel horse. The surge you speak of, do you think it's just a lopie cam? Ps: I'd prob leave the intake and throttle body setup alone.
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  7. I talked to the knuckle head I bought it from this morning. It was running very rich and maxed the rpms out at 5500 so he took it to in tune motor sports and had it tuned. He said it pulled 330 on dyno he could remember the tq. I don't know if the set the rev limiter at the shop or what but it redlines at around 6500 now. It has after market rear suspension and Lakewood rear adj shocks with a set of 315 35 17. It will roast the tires in first but drop and 2000 rpms in second and stops spinning pretty quickly. I don't know if it's because how the rear is set up and it's trying to hookup or the engine is just lacking power. I have not checked the compression yet. They prev ownes said its a 10:1 331. I am not so sure about that but I don't have anything to compare it too either.
  8. Na the serge is not the cam. Even though I think it has the f cam. It pretty big. Like it I come in to a red light and push the clutch in the rpms drop to about 500 them it wil recover. Usually does it a couple times. I took the iac valve off and cleaned it. It is better but still has some issues.
  9. Check engine codes.
  10. If I were you I'd post your setup in the general 79-95 "talk" section. A lot more eyes to help. Do you know what kind of fuel system you have. Fuel pump and injector size etc?
  11. I don't know what brand pump but I do know I have 24lb injectors. I will post that over there. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Yessir, no problem. There are fellas on there w far more experience than I.
  13. It's a typical Fox conversion. There is no good reason to convert it back to an SN throttle body setup. It should run like that. The main difference is that the inlet air temperature sensor on the SN is in the inlet tube instead of the number 5 runner. The sensor has been put in the right location. Check to make sure they put the right plug in the number 5 runner. It's a funny metric plug, or they could have put another temperature sensor in there unplugged. Either is fine, as long as they didn't try to bonehead a pipe thread plug in the hole. A 331 with a cam will need a chip to run properly. Pull the computer out and make sure it has a chip stuck in the side of it. It is under the passenger side kick panel.