Can u buy a Mach stereo system?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by lovemystang, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hey this may be a no brainer question but can you buy a Mach stereo system after you've got the car? If so anyone know where?
  2. It would cost more than going out and buying good quality aftermarket pieces. I wouldn't do it, you can build a better system for less money and hassle. Not that I am not happy with my Mach 460 but, I wouldn't pay what it would cost to install it in a car that didn't come with it.
  3. i agree. i dont know how much it would cost, but knowing the extreme mark-ups that dealers put on parts, it woudl probobly be best to go with an aftermarket system. you could proboly get an HU with 3 pre-amps, a 5 channel amp, 2 sets of speakers and a sub for 1000$ if you look in the right places. just dont get a cheap deck :nonono: you get what you pay for, i learned that the hard way.....twice...
    :bang: dotn buy jensen! :bang:
  4. A few months ago in a 02 GT at Sun valley ford in concord ca. I saw a mach 1000 sound system that knocked... I beleive it had two 12's one in each corner of the trunk and bolted to the frame and like four ampts. Now I was impressed w/ my sony explode and my mach460 but the mach1000 put all that to shame all out of the dealier
  5. Problem is the Mach 1000 upgrade to an existing Mach 460 is $1300. If you don't already have the Mach 460 you are looking at close to $3000. For the same amount of money you can easily put together a system that will outperform the Mach 1000.
  6. For 1k you could easily put together a good system that will last better and out perform the mach systems, just do some shoppin, good speakers front and rear, a 4 channel amp and 2 10's in a sealed box with a mono amp and it will sound soooooo sweet, i did a guys 01 this way and it sounds great, my 95 has only 1 10 but it sounds sweet top up or down, my two cents Dan
  8. I have mach 360 or 460 sound system from a 99 cobra that I would sell you for cheap. It has the special rear mount for the 2 amps the 2 6X9 rear speakers and the front component speakers as well. I also have the tape deck with second din CD player. But as an enthusiant I must say that I feel ALL factory stereos are ridiculousy overpriced and for the same money you could build a kick arse system. I just put in a Clarion 835 HU, 12W3 ported sub, Boston components, and Eclipse 6X9 rear, with 1300W Sub amp and 275X4 front and rear amp all for under 2K installed. Let me know.