Can we buy new T-5s for our cars?

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  1. I want to switch to a turbo motor and a T-5 in my 89 but I'm not too hot about putting a j/y T-5 behind a 200hp motor.

    Does anyone sell new or really good rebuilt T-5s that will bolt to a 2.3?
  2. that depends, im sure you can have your j/y tranny overhauled with upgraded (more beefy) internals, or use a 5.0 tranny, you just hafta modify the input shaft(im sure any machine shop could take care of this) cuz the 2.3 is smaller....that would be the route i went if had the money... :p
  3. Thanks, that brings up an even better question....

    If I bought a new T-5 for a 5.0, what would have to be modified to make it work behind a 2.3?
  4. First off, the only new V8 T5's I've ever seen are like a grand. :eek: To make it work behind a 2.3, you'd have to either have the input shaft machined down where it goes into the pilot bearing, or get the pilot bearing adapter from Rapido (google it, I don't know their URL). First gear will be pretty steep compared to a 4-cyl tranny, which may or may not matter to you.

  5. i am putting a 2.3 T5 behind mine...just upgrade the internals with a world class rebuild kit, and make sure you have a steel clutch fork. The main problem i have found is i wanted to stay with a cable clutch, and it is hard to find a bellhousing for a 2.3 that isnt hydraulic... i do know a place that has them for like 50 bucks me if you want the place. It would be best to use a 4 cyl tranny though because of the gearing in it...mine is goin behind a 400hp it should hold on yours.
  6. lol your looking at a tremtek or something , and yes those are bux up 5.0 tranny's. The differnce between a 5.0 and 2.3 is pretty much the gearing, i was under the impression all t5's after 86 were world class? that includes the 2.3 and 5.0...i think, i may be wrong on that.

    ps: and yes somehow u hafta adapt the input shaft as stated above :p
  7. All 2.3 T5's after 1986 are "world class" and as far as i know all of the 2.3 mustangs have cable clutches. only the tc's had hydrolics.

  8. All Mustangs, save for a few classics, have had cable clutches.


  9. this is what i dont get, because ive seen 2.3L t5s mated to 5.0s, but then the 5.0 T5s cant work with 2.3s?
  10. Ash
  11. Any 2.3 T5 will work fine on a turbo engine, especially with "only" 200hp/240ft-lbs torque.
  12. that still doesnt answer my question though ash, i mean if its the wrong size input shaft for a 5.0 how can it still work properly?
  13. The input shaft is basically the same size just a hair shorter. However,at the tip of the input shaft where it slides into the pilot bearing it is larger than the 2.3. You either need to have th end of the input shaft turned down by a machine shop or get the bilot bushing from Rapido. Its abushing not a bearing.
    I don't think $1000 is asking too much for a brand new tranny try paying to have one rebuilt it won't be much cheaper and still be used. I bought mine brand new in 88 for about $900.But I don't think you will locate one with 4 cyl. gear ratios that is brand new nowadays but I might be wrong. :shrug: This is the company I bought my transmission from yars ago give them a call they don't have any products or prices listed on thier website