Can you believe he made it ???

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  1. Wow, he made it out of that alive? I'd imagine that he isn't really in the best of shape though.
  2. Looks like a nitrous backfire started it all.
  3. Its hard for me to explain but it was a Nitrous issue. It was the N seperating from the Oxygen...almost like aoxygen cutting tourch.
  4. Fuel started puddling in the intake, most likely becuase he bogged it off the line and was spraying at a low rpm. With lots of fuel and nitrous in the intake, it only took a tiny spark to cause the entire intake manifold to blow up. I suspect it must have broken a few fuel lines, becuase that is one hell of a fire. Normally, the fire goes out quickly, and leaves you with a blasted intake.
  5. was it actually Chris...(bugz)? I didnt' download it I guess I'll have to now.
  6. No, Bugz posted it on the TF email system. I just didn't want to take credit for finding it and posting it first etc.
  7. scary stuff, I hope he's ok and was suited for that possibility.
  8. They tell me he made it uninjured :nice: I guess him and God are pretty good pals :nice:
  9. the best part is watching that hoodscoop implode!
  10. I saw a scoop once blow off the car and into the crowd like 100 ft away with the gall hood still attached to it :eek: That whole thing would scare the chit out of me though...see how quick that thing melted down :eek: