Can you get a set of golf clubs in the trunk?

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  1. May be the deciding factor on getting a new Stang, whether a set of golf clubs in a cart bag will easily fit into the trunk. anybody tried? that opening looks awful small. And this would be on a coupe, so at least that would be going for me.

    and please, no lame golf jokes.:nono:
  2. The mustang has a huge trunk. I dont think you could find a bigger trunk in any performance car, ever. You can probably fit 4 sets of golf bags, AND a murderer. Keep in mind, the rear seats fold down for a pass thru.
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  3. No problem.
  4. Damn, what's with the troll comment. I'm just trying to figure out if this is something I should do. I've been driving a truck for the past 16 years, I just want to make sure I'm getting something that I want and that will meet my needs. And there's no place to store golf clubs in a truck.

    And let's face it, there's a lot of information out there about every aspect of the car, but not too much about the trunk. So if you want to know, you got to ask. And who better to ask, then the guys that own 'em.

    That autonotification email works pretty fast, doesn't it.:nice:
  5. yeah sorry, I felt it was harsh so I deleted it.

    Golf clubs and mustangs are sort of like oil and water... IMHO. But to each his own. I am sure I'll get into golf after a certain age, and I dont plan to stop buying Mustangs, so they'll have to mix at that point.
  6. you should have no problems. i fit 2 guitars [ one being a double neck] a keyboard and stand and a back pack full of cables and such in my trunk comfortably.
  7. Yuo will have no problems fitting a set of clubs in the trunk. Hell I'm 6" 155lbs and I fit in mine.
  8. The clubs will fit as long as you don't have the Shaker 1000 sub. If you have the sub you will need to put them in long ways with the rear seat backs down.

  9. No problems...I put mine in there all the time.
  10. Good lord man, EAT! :rlaugh:

    I'm 5'10, 190 and still look damn near Ethiopian. :p
  11. I can lay my bag and clubs across the truck no problem...if i'm sticking my wifes clubs in there with mine then I lay down the back seat and stick them in that way.
  12. last weekend i had 3 sets in my trunk easily without folding down the seats. couldn't get the 4th in though :notnice:
  13. that's pretty good...I try and throw my wifes in there with mine but they won't stack up or go caddy corner too well so it' s just easier to fold the seat. In the fusion we've had 4 sets without folding the seats down.
  14. Lol i was gonna say the same thing but lets face it - Ch-Air force takes care of their guys :p

    J/k man prior army 11b thought i would pick alittle fun while i can.

    I will say though the trunk , like mentioned above, is prolly the biggest ive seen in a performance car. Prolly as big if not bigger than my moms grand prix lol.

  15. Full set of clubs shoes and golf cart ,three wheeled push type. No sweat.
  16. I've fit two sets with plenty of room to spare. The opening might be a little small, but the trunk is actually surprisingly large. I don't have the subs that comes with the Shaker1000 though.

    You guys want to talk about skinny people... My best friend/roommate in college is 6'6" and weighs about 180 lbs.
  17. I filt my set into the trunk without folding the seats down. You could fit two at most with the folding the seats.
  18. No lie on the trunk space. Right now I have 3 studio strobes, a box of cords, a large softbox, and 22" pan reflector, plus my camera bag and portable power supply all in there. It's just getting it all through the opening.
  19. lmao!! Try a vert! Seats don't fold and I have the subs in the back. clubs will go in sideways, but I have to take my driver out and put it diagonally. I miss the seats not being able to fold dwn for those few times a year when needed. piece of pi$$ meng :nice:
  20. Can't help it. I have a high metabolism. most i ever weighed was 165 when i was working out every day and taking mass gainer. And yes we do take care of our people in the Air Force. Spent 5 months in the sand working for the army and that was 5 months too long.