Can You Hear Your Intake???

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 02FastblackGT, May 5, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I decided to drive the other day without my radio on full blast, like I usually have it. Little did I know, this whole time, I have been missing a symphony coming from underneath my hood (my intake). In the low RPM's, under throttle, I think I can hear the intake making it's usual hissing/humming noise (sounds really cool), as it takes in air. I just wanted to see if anyone else can hear their intake from inside the car, or is this something else I am hearing???
  2. yea i can hear mine its even louder with a throttle body!
  3. :nice: Ya me too it sounds great I have the BBK intake with the 75mm Accufab TB and C&L plenum. I also have a spacer between my plenum and manifold for my Nitrous to spray into the motor. :nice:
  4. mines sounds like a cracked out cat in heat getting butt-raped!:D
  5. my c&l cai/plenum/75tb made a kool whistle but i'm hoping my new "intake" makes even sweeter sounds....:)
  6. damn you Bob, damn you.....

    and to the poster, my exhaust is waaay too loud to hear any intake whistling. i once accidently held up an ambulance b/c i couldnt hear the siren. i felt like a complete jacka$$
  7. +1. that car is gonna scream when you mash it
  8. I hope i just need to find some time to work on it, getting the rest of the parts would be nice also..
  9. I love the sound at WOT :drool:
  10. I have C&L plenum with bbk 75mm Tb and K&N FIPK 2 so I hear air sucking in really good. I love the sound off intake and exhuast so much that I don't even play my cd no more.

    I love to hear my car rather then music :)
  11. I almost never listen to my radio. So at the lower speeds I can hear easily hear the whistling sound it makes. It sounds nice, and saves me $5,000. :D
  12. I guess Ill have to listen for mine. I have never heard mine at ALL:nonono:
  13. Mine makes a "whistling" type sound at idle as well, but I think it's my alternator.....:shrug: :D
  14. up hills low rpms +1 haha
  15. i have a fenderwell and I can hear it pretty well... even with my radio up a bit... it's nice!!!
  16. Ya, I can hear my FIPK at lower RPMs and it sounds sick! I love it!