Canada East Members rides

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  1. Made a mistake :bang:
  2. Got anymore pictures ??
  3. One more for now ...

    This is before I had my exhaust bent. It had to be lowered to paint the rear bumper.

  4. Very nice car bro ... What is that steam all about it looks cool?

  5. that my friend... is one mean looking nitrous purge kit in action!!!

    I f'n love it when they do that! :nice:
  6. Looks good, but I think someone stole your wheels. It seems to be sitting on the front spoiler?

  7. my car for next winter ;)
  8. im live south-shore of montreal .

    is a mustang 84 gt t-top, 2.73, 4 speed m/t

  9. Nice :nice: I like the T-tops
  10. tanks Stangfreak95

  11. Finally got pictures of mine... it's still all wet and it's getting a bit dark outside, but it'll have to do for now!!



    Didn't have time to clean the rims/times or give it a wax... and the front GT bumper ain't on yet.
  12. Here's Mine.

    <IMG SRC="">

    You can see even more pictures at

    Even a Awesome Burnout I did at the Rockland Car Show.
  13. Hello,

    I come from Quebec and I have a Ford Mustang GT 99.


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  15. Tanks.

    Your car is nice. :nice:
  16. here is my ride. owned 4 years. love it. cant get pics to work email me for them
  17. Here you go bro. Car looks great.