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  1. Dang, we have some nice Mustangs in Québec :nice:
  2. I'm from a little further East, as far as you can go, here's my ride...

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  3. hey how did you do that
  4. do what?
  5. stang freak fow did u
    post the pick of my white car
  6. I went on your website and allowed myself to post one of your pics :D
  7. ya ok but how did you get it from there to here
  8. I already posted in this thread... but i got a new car!!

    here it is.

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  9. I saved it on my computer then posted it here. You need 30 threads to post pics.
  10. I love the coupes ! :hail2:
  11. this is a pic of my stang. its an 89 and started out as a 4 banger
    its sunburst orange with a splash of ultra silver metallic on the front.

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  12. mrbeer99.....

    I was looking for a set of BBS RK wheels for my '96 and really like them on your car :nice: . Did you get them locally or order from the U.S. ?

    Thanks Jon :canflag:
  13. Closest car is mine, sorry for the big pics dial up guys :p

    Here it is before I realised the spoiler had to go. Do not comment on the narrow tires, purchasing 315 this spring :p
  14. I love your car man. :nice: Wanna trade.. :D
  15. 87 with t-tops

  16. Got to love the T-Tops
  17. Yeah its a pretty nice fox :hail2:
  18. It looks so much cleaner without the rear spoiler anyway. :nice:
  19. 85GT

    The is my 85GT. :nice:

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