Canada East Members rides

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  1. [​IMG].....I don't see anything?
  2. try again

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  3. pics are small, but it looks a lot like mine......nice car! :nice:
  4. a little bigger

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  5. finally uploaded pics i took the day i bought my car

    probally can see my old rsx in the background :p

    sorry i only have pics from day one so far.

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  6. new pic as of today

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  7. Pretty clean vert :nice:
  8. you gotta always keep it clean!

    every mustang kept in good shape will eventually be a collector :)

    driving a dirty car is a waste

    p.s gotta have bling.
  9. My 89 Coupe in Toronto



  10. nice clean looking coupe! :nice:
  11. I agree very clean :nice:
  12. Here is the night life of MONTRÉAL... Miam! Miam! Nice girl's... :hail2:

    Tonight at ORANGE JULEP in Décarie street in Montréal
    It's a Big MUSTANG Meet's... :nice:

    I hope to see you there? :)
  13. here mine

  14. Nice car. Now lets see a pic of that Hummer
  15. still in fab process but here it is

    it’s built on a Ford F150 frame and will be power by a 5.8 AOD trans
    this week-end I have drop the body on the frame so I can start body mount :D
  16. Already posted a pic of my Stang, way back on pager 1 or 2, but I've since then sold her.

    This is my newest project. A '96 Cougar XR7. It's not going to look much different from this other than a set of 17x9 Cobra R wheels or Bullitt's and a factory rear spoiler. All my business will be under the hood with a D.S.S. forged short block with ported PI heads and a 9psi AED supercharger. Going for a bit of a sleeper this time. :D