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  1. here's one pic for now.
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    that was when i first got her and since then a few things have changed. like a road and track box from maximum motorsports and an 8 point cage.

    since winter is here in montreal soon, the drivetrain and bigger breaks and 5 lug conversion well be done now.
  2. nice good looking Lx :nice:
  3. Man Look at that Camaro! Is that thing ever hot!!! er... ah... nice mustang...

    J/K Nice Stang! That Green GT with the bullets looks Awsome!
  4. thanks, can't wait to finnish all the work.
  5. i can't figure out how to insert pics in my message post. :bang:
  6. First you need to get yourself a host. I suggest

    Its free BTW. Once your pics are downloaded in their server, you need to copy the url of your pics. Then you come back in here and do your message and to show your pic directly in the thread, you press [​IMG] and you copy your url in there.

    Try it. This will work.
  7. Yeah..missed this..if they are small enough you can just attach them. look down a bit when you go to post to where it says manage attachhments.

    But as Stangfreak said, you can just host them over there..
  8. Thanks for the response. I'll get right on it! :hail2:
  9. Here's my funmobile!

  10. Good looking vert dude :nice:
    Glad you found the way to host the pic.
  11. Thanks for the compliments! :D
    it's a '99 with the 35th Anniversary Special Limited Edition Pkg.
    #1442 of 4628 ordered with the pkg. worldwide.

    For more details check out
  12. Here's a picture of my 1999 GT as is what when I bought it. I really should get some new pictures of it!

  13. here's a pic of my daily driver..shes sleeping now but being re done over the winter months,

  14. that is a sweet looking car! Nice paint! Just an all around nice looking car!
  15. Yes I agree :nice: