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  1. 5 lug swap done

  2. Here's a couple of my 2000 GT



  3. Nice.....those 245's you've got stretched onto those '03 Cobra wheels look like they're screaming for mercy? :D
  4. Nice I thought that shop looked is where I had my car tuned as well. Too bad Paul isn't there anymore. :(

    What did she end up making?
  5. 267rwhp and 290 TQ its far to go, so I'm tryinh to get some time up at Technika's dyno...but theyre back logged :(
  6. Decent.

    Yeah, it's about a 4 1/2 hour drive for me as well. Pat (the owner - little italian guys with the glasses) is starting to do the tunes now, but I'm not sure if he's as good as it as Paul was. Seems to be doing well thus far though. I guess we'll see.
  7. 245? Nope...275 on them Cobra R rims, on the back there, the slicks are Hoosier 26.5 x 8 x 15...I've since switched to MT ET Streets 17's , but havin trouble with em...

    Ya I know Pat well, I've become a dealer for him here in Hudson/St. Lazare...we got a small shop and do work on Mustangs, and well any Ford really...he's really helped alot with the business and all, surely a good guy to have on your side of the team...:)
  8. here's my pic. everything done with suspension, drivetrain and body/interior, just waiting to decide what engine and exhaust i should put in.

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  9. Here is my baby. I took the pics about a month ago and haven't had time for a better photoshoot yet.
  10. how's this one,my 67 fastback,efi 4.6 stroked to 5.0. It's got 8.8 posi IRS,cobra rotors and calipers all the way around as well as the ABS. Rack and pinion steering and front struts. Climate control,cruise power windows and locks.It'll be vista blue with white shelby stripes.

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  11. Here' my Baby.

  12. So I'm driving home from the cottage in my 88 5 liter convertible. The pavement disappears and I hit about 5 potholes in a row. The car starts revving and the automatic transmission is slipping big time. I check the fluids and everything seems ok but it starts running rough and when I put it in park it stalls. I limp home and in my driveway it sits. Any ideas out there?
  13. How does it run after letting it cool down?
  14. Those pics look like they were taken somewhere up North?
  15. Way up north, at the end of last summer.
  16. How far? I'm in Sudbury

    Looks someplace up Hwy 11. Liskeard, or Earlton....further maybe?