Canada Is Such A Rip Off!

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  1. It's no wonder why every American owners LX is fast and beefed up! I just called my local ford stealership, a set of factory 3.73 gears... For a whopping $589.90!!! These guys are higher then ten hippies! So then I went on summits website, the same gears for street/strip 3.73's for a stock 8.8 rear end for a $159.00. We take it dry with no lube here that's a fact!
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  2. well that's what you get for phoning a a wrecker or rear end shop I found a set for 259...
  3. Ya I get that it's a dealer but even the few speed shops we have around here are outrageously priced.
    I called a wrecker and got upper lower and heads off of a explorer 5.0 for $250. I think that's a good deal.
  4. Dealerships in the states are no different, and there arent may local speed shops around here either, dont feel too bad i buy 98% of my parts from summit.
  5. They are probably quoting you the ford replacement part, and not the ford racing gear set.

    Different part, but different part number, packag and pricing.

    I remember asking about a 1993 cobra intake and was quoted $1000+, but the ford racing kit was $400. This was 1999.
  6. i totally know what you mean. My last to orders from summit cost alot more with are dollar down. my order came up to 204 plus shipping was 45.00 and then with the exchange it came up to 300 on my visa in CAD. if you live close to the border find a shipping place in the US and just get it shipped there. saves alot of money and if your brave take it out of the package and just cross back over.
  7. Give us more time. We're killing off the value of a dollar as fast as we can.
  8. Sounds about right for Canada, I work for a fleet management company (we roughly manage 70k vehicles) and pretty much everything in Canada is more expensive.
  9. Problem solved, found a place that accepts deliverys, it's going to cost me $10.00 a delivery to that location, I go there, unpack everything, throw it in bag and done! Claiming anything today sir? "Yes mr customs officer, $70.00 dollars in groceries." " have a great day" ;)
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  10. Soooo....let me get this straight? The entire nation of Canada is a rip off, because you were too lazy to phone around and called the nearest dealership for a price? I just searched Summit for the "Ford Racing" 8.8 3.73 gears and they're $179.97 FOR GEARS ALONE.

    I took 60-seconds and did a Google search for Canadian companies and came across this....

    That's the same Ford Racing gear set plus Crush Sleeve, Pinion Nut, 2- jugs of Mobil 1 75W90 Gear Oil (2) and a new Pinion Bearing for $259.99

    By the time you get those Summit gears to your door, you'll have paid as much for them (or more) after shipping, taxes, brokerage and exchange rate, than the ones you could have bought from your own "Rip-Off Country"....and you didn't even get a new crush sleeve, pinion nut, bearing and lube for the install. need lube all right....from self inflicted sodomization. Feeling a little silly yet? :shrug:
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  11. All mighty American Dollar I tell ya

  12. It's pretty mighty right now. I think yours is worth about a dime more than ours at the current exchange rate. Not a big deal for little stuff, but big orders can take a bite.

    Don't get me wrong. I buy a lot of parts in the US, but unless is small and/or cheap, I always wait for a weekend that I'm travelling there and coordinate all of my purchases so they're sitting there at my hotel room waiting for me. Then after a couple of days, I just drive them back with me, duty free. The shipping and brokerage fee's from Canadian courier companies is the worst part of the whole ordeal and usually kills it for me. Something that might cost $10 to ship States side, will range anywhere from 3-5X that by the time it makes it's way to the Canadian destination. UPS and FedEx charge something like 30% of the items value as their brokerage cost....highway robbery!
  13. Yay 'MURICA.
  14. Funny story. At the hotel i work at, we have a department that basically does anything for the guest. One of those services is returning items a guest forgets in their room when they head back home. A Canadian couple forgot their camera charger in their room. The hotel sent it back, and sent it to my department (security) to give to fedex. When i read the declaration slip, the charger was worth 35.00 (idk if it was USD or CAD) but it was on 2 day international shipping. So basically, they probably paid 100 bucks for a 35.00 item they could've bought once they got home and realized they forgot it. :shrug:
  15. sucks to be them.

  16. Yeah...but to be fair, it still probably would have cost at least $50 to send it to the US main land from Hawaii as well. Shipping anything too and from that island is out of this world expensive!
  17. Its insane. Being a car enthusiast in hawaii is probably 10x more expensive than the mainland haha.
  18. I'm sure they would rather be surfing than wrenching. At least that is what I would be doing in Hawaii
  19. Not everyone in hawaii surfs. I like the beach but i don't know how to surf. I don't even like surfing. lol