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  1. It was the Stangnet/Performance-Shop Meet 2 Yrs ago

    It will happen again later on at the end of summer (september ish)
  2. Heres mine...I hope they show up.

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  3. Here's my '96 Cobra


  4. im sure ive seen your car around Cobranator
  5. Yeah you probably may have. I've been driving it as much as I could lately. There's seems to be alot of Mustangs around, I've seen another black Cobra coupe and vert as well. It would be nice if we all could get together and go for a cruise. Couple of years ago a bunch of us went down to Rock Creek for a cruise to visit this guy who has that auto body shop there called the Mustang Ranch, we had 3 Cobras and 1 Gt burning up hwy 33. :D We also had a show every year but somehow people lost interest and it folded.
  6. 2000 GT vert, Zinc Yellow spring feature edition, YMR # 3854

    Stock at present, parts on order for the transformation this winter.

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  7. 84 Coupe

    My 84 coupe.

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  8. Heres a pic of mine. I picked it up last week after i wrote off my 90 lx coupe. [​IMG]
  9. My Sleaze......



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  10. Here my girl...

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  11. I was gonna post my 5.0, but then I realized how much of a pos it is compared to everyone else's car...
  12. Sweet ride looks sharp! :nice:
  13. Thanks for the compliment.
  14. ..

    ok updated the pics

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  15. I finally got around to painting mine.It's my project low-bucks, an 86 coupe, former 4 cyl car now with a 351c,C-4,8.8 with 3.55 gears.

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  16. My car is almost completed....... Installed the Light bar..... speedster and windscreen.....




    Guess I have to change my signature.... only lists the 1988 Saleen....

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