Canadian Market 1994 Specs?

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  1. I have a 1994 Coupe that I am the 2nd owner of. I purchased it thru a Ford dealership in Washington State, but have also talked to the original owner. The car was special ordered by him and bought thru a Santa Monica, CA Ford dealership. It had a block heater, daytime running lights (not plugged in originally but the module and harness are present, found it years later and it works perfectly!), full leather interior with GT/Cobra power lumbar seats, power locks/windows/mirrors, dual lit vanities, 150 mph speedo with a V6 tach, and a JBL amplifier (market Ford) in the dash. Supposedly the daytime running lights was a Canadian market only option, and the GT/Cobra seats are not supposed to even be an option on the 1994 V6. Other things like the 150 mph speedo with the V6 tach are just baffling. I've confirmed that none of this was done aftermarket, as everything shows up in the VIN report for the car. I never did ask the owner about how he ordered it, or what it's exact lineage is other than that it was a special order to him. Does anyone have the specs on the Canadian market Mustangs? It would explain some of the items, but I would have thought the speedo would have kilometers over mph if that was the case. I've never seen another 150 mph speedo in a V6 that wasn't a conversion, let alone paired with a V6 tach, and this is the original gauge cluster to the car. Thoughts?

    BTW - The car has had the 3.8L removed by me in 2005 when one of the heads warped, and replaced with a carbureted and built 5.0L with an AOD trans, and an '88 GT 8.8" 3:27 rear with Ford Track-Lock. She was unfortunately in an accident in 2007 (ironically during the test drive for the new rear end) when a Ford Explorer ran a red light and went OVER the hood. The process of fighting their insurance company, rebuilding the front end, and replacing the airbag-destroyed dash is how I found a lot of the idiosyncracies. It's rather frustrating having to argue with USAA that my leather GT/Cobra seats were factory installed (as the VIN report showed) and not aftermarket because "V6's didn't come with those" as USAA attempted to claim.
  2. If the car is truely a Canadian car, it should have a speedo in km/h.

    Having a 150MPH speedo and GT leather seats is very puzzling.
  3. I found what was left of the build sheet. I haven't found any useful decoders online, but as soon as I can scan it I'll post it up here. I also ordered a report from that showed a few things, such as "DEBAF - Immersion Heater-Engine" (block heater, which it did have) and "EM0D0 - Canadian Requirements", but no mention of the GT/Cobra seats, power lumbar, or leather. In fact, it has the trim code listed as 66, which would be the Opal Grey cloth standard seats if I'm not mistaken. It also doesn't show anything special about the gauge cluster, just "HDHAC - With KMH/MPH Speedo".
    The build sheet is less helpful, as it was on top of the fuel tank and exposed to the elements as these years. It's in sad shape, especially compared to the near pristine one I pulled from my '84 Texas DPS SSP Mustang. For trim it lists only "6", with no second digit. Radio is "H" (if anyone can tell me what that package that signifies) with speaker "P", and export code is "C".
    I'll pull the part number off the back of the gauge cluster today and post it, maybe it will help identify if it's supposed to be a V6 or V8 cluster that the original owner modified into a hybrid unit, or a different piece altogether with 150 MPH speedo and V6 tach from the factory.
    Slowly filling in the gaps in the mystery, but it's not easy. I requested a Ford 999 report, but from what I've been hearing they want you to pay for them now through, and it doesn't sound much different from what I already got from