Fox Canadian Mustang Gt Dealer Book Strange Detail On Dash.

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  1. I obtained the dealer order book for the 87 Mustang model year (Canada) and noticed something strange in one of the photos. There's a square recess molded into the dash that I've never seen before. My car is an early 87 (ordered 8/86) Canadian export and does not have this detail.

    I'm wondering if this was a prototype dash with the location for a Day/Date/Elapsed time clock which was deleted for 87 and the photo some how made it to print to the dealers.

    At the manufacturing level it would be a simple matter of removing a square plate in the mold to produce the production dash.

    FYI, the car in the photo was a white convertible GT.

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  2. Hmmmmm interesting......
  3. Yup my thought exactly.

    I don't think it's specific to the Canadian printing, I'm assuming the US Dealer Books have it to.

    Anyone out there have a copy of the US Dealer Order Book? Or have any insight into this photo?
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  4. I wonder if that was a spot for a clock...
  5. As a Canuck who was of age at in those days, I can say I've never seen that in a "real" mustang.
  6. Also has a mph speedo, wouldn't a Canadian car be kph?
  7. You are correct, Canadian cars do have a metric speedo but all the literature photos are of US cars. They just changed the text to read Mustang "Cobra" GT for the Canadian version of the literature.
  8. Another thing... That is an 85 mph speedo, which would mean an LX car correct? I see what appears to be the fog light switch which would indicate a GT. Unless they made GTs with 85 mph speedos? :D
  9. That's the correct speedo found in GT's for 1987/88. In 1989 they changed it to 140mph.
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  10. Never knew that!