Canadians Welcome?

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  1. Hello,my name is frank,i fix stuff. My next project is a 66 mustang a good friend saved from a rusty demise.
    This solid car was in the hands of a hack for lack of better words. Left it sitting in a field and never going to move forward with it. Diamond in the rough. Looking forward to learning and sharing.
  2. Oh hell no! We don't let Canadians in here!

    Ain't that right @Gearbanger 101 ?

    Welcome aboard! :)
  3. Canadians are taking over!
  4. Since infiltrating Hollywood, we've not got you from both Coasts. It's just a matter of time now.

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  5. You know, you get Obama in a take over. Something to think about.

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  6. :welcome: from Canadia
  7. They have Wolverine! We better go wake up Captain America lol. Welcome Aboard
  8. Brothers from another mother.