canfield heads

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  1. has anybody owned a set of canfield heads? What are your opinions on them? I was thinking about going for a used nitrous kit :worship: for sale in my area or doing a H/C/I swap. I can get these heads for dirt cheap in bare casting and i know people who can finish them off for no charge.

    Are they worth it?

    opinions welcomed :nice:

  2. Panhandel Performance built me a 408 stroker moter 2 yrs. ago and used Canfield hreads, they swore by them. Moter made over 550 rear wheel h.p.with a pro charger D1 blower. Basic mild tune, and later 630 h.p. with a pully change. The heads were very good in my opinion.
  3. thanks for the reply.

    I would like to know what these heads could do on a stock short block. these heads flow close to the AFR's 165 i believe and the price is cheaper.

    any one else have these?
  4. canfeilds

    canfeilds are a real good nitrous head but have problems with lots of boost.the exhuast ports are known to crack especially on the roof..they are about equvilent to a afr 185 out of the box but have a lot more potential with port work than afrs. these heads will go a long way especially with port work like i said earlier. i had a set on a 347 out of the box and they went 7.43 1/8 mile with a tfs street heat intake stock headers .tremec..over all i like the heads alot and encourage you to get a set ..jason 662-435-0290
  5. I have Canfields but it depends on what type you're talking about. I'm naturally aspirated and went with 54 CC heads to increase compression. I think my cam is too small though. Read cam post starrted by me or the 281 hp thread started by pops.