Canister Purge Solenoid Electrical Connector Question

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  1. I hooked up my fuel injector harness today.

    I have an extra connector on the end. The below diagram says it is the Canister Purge Solenoid connector. I can't find where it would plug into though, and the lead on it is very short...

    Where would the other end of the connector be coming from?


  2. From the canister purge solenoid.

    Charcoal canister plumbing - one 3/8" tube from the bottom of the upper manifold to the rubber hose. Rubber hose connects to one side of the canister solenoid valve. Other side of the solenoid valve connects to one side of the canister. The other side of the canister connects to a rubber hose that connects to a line that goes all the way back to the gas tank. There is an electrical connector coming from the passenger side injector harness near #1 injector that plugs into the canister solenoid valve. It's purpose is to vent the gas tank. The solenoid valve opens at cruse to provide some extra fuel. The canister is normally mounted on the passenger side frame rail near the smog pump pulley.


    It does not weigh but a pound or so and helps richen up the cruse mixture. It draws no HP & keeps the car from smelling like gasoline in a closed garage. So with all these good things and no bad ones, why not hook it up & use it?

    The purge valve solenoid connector is a dangling wire that is near the ECT sensor and oil filler on the passenger side rocker cover. The actual solenoid valve is down next to the carbon canister. There is about 12"-16" of wire that runs parallel to the canister vent hose that comes off the bottom side of the upper intake manifold. That hose connects one port of the solenoid valve; the other port connects to the carbon canister.

    The purge valve solenoid should be available at your local auto parts store.

    Purge valve solenoid:

    The carbon canister is normally mounted on the passenger side frame rail near the smog pump pulley.
    Carbon Canister:
  3. Hey thank you for the reply. I still have the canister, so that is fine, but I don't see this valve. Is the valve connected to the canister?
  4. Look at the diagram and re-read the first paragraph...
  5. Sorry I guess I should have been more clear. I'm putting everything back from scratch so I'm trying to figure out where the solenoid mounts normally.

    I have it connected now, thanks to your help, but it's kind of just hanging out. I'll just zip tie it to a good place.