Can't believe all the crying about the price!

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  1. Why are so many of you pretending to be surprised that the Shelby is going to be expensive. Pricing has been anticipated to be exactly what has been announced. This is old news. The Shelby is special, and congrats to Ford for bringing it out. It wasn't intended to be for everyone. The original Shelbys were beyond what Mustang buyers could afford back in the sixties. Or maybe most of you weren't around back then. Nothing's changed. I hear "it should be priced for the working man", and "I'm never buying a Ford again". Grow up. Either you're in or you're out. I'll take it a step further; if you can't pay $CASH$ for the Shelby you can't afford it. Whining about fairness or greed is meaningless unless you get off on hearing yourself complain! Going through life complaining about what you CAN'T afford pegs you as a loser. There are people in this world that would treasure a good cooking pot, or a water well that won't make their kids sick, and we're crying about not affording a $60-Grand toy! I want a 27-foot Grady-White. Maybe I should go on a boating message board and whine about how Gradys are over priced, and I deserve one for less money. I mean why should the boat broker make a profit? Screw the boat broker and screw the market, it's only about me. The fact that thousands of other people are willing to pay more than me isn't important. If you can't afford the Shelby, buy a GT. If you can't afford the GT, buy the SIX. That's why they make different models-for different income levels. OK, that's my rant, and I'm sure I broke some kind of "be nice" posting rules, but for Crysake give it a rest!
  2. The price isn't what bothers me, if the car sold for the MSRP or maybe a slight markup since it's a specialty model I could understand. But, when dealers tack on another $20,000 on average that's [email protected]#[email protected]#! recockulus, to put it nicely. I've got the money, but I can't justify giving that much over MSRP to the dealer, that's basically the price of another mustang! If Ford wanted the car to be a $50,000+ car they would have made the MSRP $50,000+. Insane markups on cars like this tend to kill them, look at the Prowler and Thunderbird.

    In 1994 I bought a brand new Dodge Viper after having my name on the list since they came out in 1993. The car was $54,000.00 MSRP and I paid $55,000 and change. They made a little over 3,000 of them that year (compared to 6,000+ a year for the GT500). Now, if I could buy a Viper for basically MSRP in '94, why can't I buy a Mustang for that in '07? Don't say it's because of Shelby's name either, because the Viper was his brainchild too.

    By the way, if you told me in 1967 that in 2007 Ford dealers would charge $10,000+ over the base price of a Mustang I would have thought you were nuts. :bang:

    Anyway, I'm not mad at Ford, I think they did a great job with this car and priced it where it should be. I'm mad at the dealers for trying to kill this car. :nonono:
  3. Shut Up.
  4. See what I mean? Now you know why there's no price on a menu for Lobster!!!!
  5. I see your point, BUT you cant be mad at dealers either,,,, Its not Fords fault nor the dealers fault that there are people out there with more money than common sense.
  6. Yea, but the dealers are the ones that are letting it happen. With the Viper the dealerships each had a list that had the name of the person and what they wanted in the car. Your car would be ordered off that list and you would be notified when it came in, you would go pick up your car and pay MSRP plus a shipping fee. It would keep moving down the list and once you got your car you would be taken off. I didn't get my car the first year they were made because they didn't reach my number, so I just waited on the list until the second year of production when I became #2 for that year. Personally I think that's a better system. None of this "the car goes to the highest bidder" crap. :bs:

  7. If I catch my own lobster, does that mean I cant afford it...and shouldn't eat it?
  8. Hey Boss I noticed you drive a GT. Would have you bought it if the dealer added a couple of thousand to the sticker because HE thought it was worth the price? That's the gripe! It's those greedy #@#&^ dealers!
  9. The point is that if it were not for all of us common slobs who have been buying reasonably priced Mustangs for the last 42 years, the Mustang would have gone to the scrap heap years ago and there would not be an elitest GT-500 model.

    The anger comes from us common folk who have been loyally spending our hard earned $$ on Mustangs for years if not decades.

    So now comes a really desirable Mustang SE instead of a thank you to us for keeping the Mustang alive all these years, we get a slap in the face that says "screw you, we're selling to the highest bidder.

    But I'm not really upset, because I have patience. Just like Terminator Cobra prices crashed within a year. Mach 1 prices crashed within a year, Ford GT prices crashed within a year, so will GT-500 prices crash within a year.

    Those dealers who turn down $5K AMV's over the next couple months because they think all GT-500s will command $25K AMVs, are going to look pretty foolish within a year when they will struggle to get sticker for them.
  10. I shopped around, found a dealer who committed MSRP to me, and the car's on order...

    My best friend shopped around, and actually managed to negotiate an MSRP deal right here in-town, and the car's on order...

    His brother shopped around, and he's going to have to fly to go pick the car up 1,100 miles away... but he's a pilot, so that's not an issue, and he's getting MSRP, and the car's on order...

    Is it me, or are you guys just lousy or lazy or both at shopping dealers??

    Besides, in 5 or 6 months, after the initial rush/feeding-frenzy, you'll be able to find MSRP at any Ford dealership in the country, just like it ALWAYS goes, if you just exercised some damn patience...

    Quit acting like you're going to sh** razor blades if you're not driving the first car off the line... This price inflating always happens, with every hot car that comes out, and it always fizzles out quickly if you can just keep your panties straight for several months.

    There is a free market aspect to it, and it's not anyone's birth-right to be able to buy any car at a certain price. But don't blame the dealers. Blame the dumb ***'s who actually PAY the $5K, $10K and $20K premiums for these things right out of the gate. If NOBODY PAID THE PREMIUM, EVERYBODY WOULD GET MSRP...

    So if you're really upset, go glove-slap the guy with the stupid jewelry and the bad hair-weave and dye job at the next Mustang show you go to who's showing off the GT500 he paid too much for, because his ego was bigger than his brain... :flag:
  11. I checked with almost every dealer in NJ that is getting more then two of them. They all laughed when I said I'd pay MSRP or maybe a few grand over. Even the dealership my '03 Cobra came from said the best they could do was $7,000 over MSRP on a vert. I don't really care if I'm the first to drive the car, but with the various color, stripe, and interior options out there I would like to be able to order my car the way I want it, not have to go searching for it after they've all been ordered.

    And this price inflating doesn't always happen. The Dodge Vipers, Lotus, Ferrari, ect all have lists. If you're on the list and your car comes in you pay MSRP or maybe slightly over, but the price is agreed on before hand. That's the right way to do it when your putting out a low production car. They don't tell you, "We're getting four cars in and they go to the highest bidder over $10,000.":bs:
  12. I paid sticker for my car and thought that was fair. The same dealer was charging $5K over to other customers. I was a previous employee, have known the mgmt there for 12-years, and had bought two Explorers recently. They did me a favor by not charging me over MSRP. You see it's all about perspective. The Mustang GT is worth MSRP. That's a fact. And to prove my point, most GT sales are at or above sticker. How are dealers greedy? Does your expectation of a paycheck from your employer make you greedy? When you sold your last house for more than you paid for it, were you greedy? Ask your parents to sell you their home for what they paid for it. After all, you are their child-they wouldn't want to be greedy. I know, that's different. If the public is willing to pay asking price, then that is the market price. The Monroney Sticker is only the suggested price; a stupid concept, but nowhere does it say that the dealer has to sell it for that. This is the part that causes brain leakage among the one-way crowd. These people EXPECT to get a discount like it's some kind of god-given right. Those same people will scream like a stuck pig if the dealer has a high-demand car once a decade, and sells the car for what the customer is willing to pay. Did you read that last sentence? The market sets the price, not the seller. That applies to homes, oil, and X-Boxes. And yes, lobsters are dirt-cheap in Rockland, Maine, but they are so expensive in Mclean, Virginia, that restaurants won't even print the price on the menu. They charge as much as they think they can get for them, yet they must sell them all before closing. Read some Walter Williams. If you don't get it after reading one or two of his columns, then there's no hope! LOL!!!

  13. 1. Has it occurred to you that you're not likely going to get a decent deal in Jersey? Think about the demographics and typical business mindset of the area....... As I said, take some initiative. There are a TON of small-town Ford dealers out there who can get an allocation or two on these cars, that will talk to you. It may take some work, but it's out there for those who are willing to do some leg-work. And you've got to approach dealers seriously, telling them that you'll give them a deposit immediately if your terms are satisfactory. If you just go around asking, with no cash on the barrel, you'll be seen as just another "fisher" or "dreamer", and they'll blow you off. You're just not thinking outside the box, you're acting like you'll melt, or fall off the earth, if you cross a state line or two...

    2. Dodge had no organized "policy" when the Vipers came out. It was all up to the dealers, and there were lists at some places, none at others, there were goofy addendums at some dealers, none at others. There was no "master plan" decreed by Dodge, it was a free-for-all, and you had to dealer-shop, just like today with the Shelby. Besides, you didn't get your flippin car until a YEAR after introduction, and you're uptight about the Shelbys before a single car has dropped off the truck onto a lot. Funny, today the Chrysler dealers are having a tough time punting Vipers off their lots, you can get one DEEP under MSRP. Same for SRT-10 trucks, left-over new 2005's are still languishing, available for $10 grand under MSRP. Anyhow, I digress...You can either do the work, and plan to TRAVEL, to find a Shelby for MSRP or close today.... Or you can just wait a bit and order one the way you like it for MSRP in the fall. In the big picture, it's not a big deal. But I think shopping in Jersey and New York is like trying to find cheap gas close to the Los Angeles Airport..

    3. Yes, Ferrari's and that ilk are not allowed, by contract, to poach customers for premiums above MSRP. But that's an entirely different scenario. Those dealers already make a KILLING with the margin they make on a single sale, so the factories can keep them in-check because the dealers are already making a fortune. The mark-up on those cars is built-in to the price. You can't begin to compare that situation to a Ford or Chevy or Chrysler dealership, that is lucky to pocket a thousand bucks per-car-sold, on average... They need pricing latitude to ensure their own survival. As it is, dealerships in the U.S. are having an extremely hard time staying alive these days.
  14. Selling a GT-500 at MSRP will net the dealer about $4,800 (combination markup, holdback & conveyance fee).

    Since GT-500s sell themselves, that's a damned good profit for only 30 min of work to fill out the bill of sale and DMV registration. If the car is financed through the dealer they get additional profit from their commission on the financing.
  15. I don't know if anyone here thinks there is some 'god given right' to buy a GT500 at all. I know I don't. In fact, I will probably laugh at the guy that pays 60K for his car and then tries to sell it in a year or two. Even if he paid cash at the time of sale, he'll loose out trying to sell a used one. (Ouch!) Right now I think we are all caught up in the pre production hype of the car. Personally I don't think Ford did the best job on the car, but that is just my opinion. Even if the car does live up to your expectations, just wait it out. A used one will be cheap and so will new ones sitting on the lots in a year.
  16. :dead:
    GT 500
  17. that's a good illustration. Maybe if we ignore the gt500 the gouging will go away!
  18. I don't have a problem with the price. I don't have a problem with dealers marking them up. My problem is that my dealer PROMISED ME accepted my deposit and even wrote up a meaningless little slip of paper which indicated that they would sell me the first one they receive at msrp. They held my deposit for about 8 months.

    Sure they should make the best deal they can, that's what business is about. But once they make a deal they should FREAKIN STICK TO IT. I've owned a business for 20+ years and by the way I can afford to pay cash for the car. Before I'd pay 20k over I'd buy a Z06, I'm thinking about it now.
  19. A dealer renegging on a stated deal held by deposit?? That is pure B.S.. No argument there.
  20. Who's Crysake? :scratch: