Can't believe all the crying about the price!

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  1. OK, Eric you laid that one in my lap! The ZO6 is $20 grand over all day long around here! I even called my sales mangler buddies at two Chevy stores before I wrote this, just to confirm. People will pay crazy money to own something special.
  2. I'll be laughing with you.

    People seem to forget that the market for performance cars like the GT-500 is very limited. Ford will struggle to sell 20,000 of them at MSRP.

    But besides the limited market, the GT-500 baloon is going to pop very quickly given that the performance of the GT-500 is not living up to the pre-production hype and a lot of people will end up being so pissed at the dealers that they will buy vehicles from other brands.
  3. I'm sure you know the difference between NET and GROSS.
  4. deals a deal

    I completly agree. There have been times in my life where after I made the deal i'd like to go and press the undo button. However the words of my father ring in my ear "a man is no better then his word". I don't care if its a gt500 or a escort I've found the most underhanded people to deal w/ are car dealers in general. They'll sell out their grandma for a buck. You have every right to be mad. I hope someday justice will be yours!!

  5. Amen Brother!!!!!!:D
  6. How many of these cars are going to be built? 9K of them?

    How many Terminators were planned for production?
  7. According to the SVT web site here's how many Terminators were manufactured:

    Model year 2003: 13,476
    Model year 2004: 5,664
    Total: 19,140

    Very close to the planned 18,000 or more GT-500s that Ford plans to make. Ford has made some rumblings about increasing the # of them.

    Just like the GT-500 started production in June, so did the 2003 Terminator start production in June 2002 so it had a long production year (14 months). Probably more than 9,000 model year 07 GT-500s will be built. The 04 Terminator had a short production year, only 9 months.

    Finally remember that it took big discounts and even bigger rebates to clear out the last of the 04 Terminators. The market for these sorts of cars is not that big.
  8. Very true. It's easy to get on forums like these, and get the illusion/impression that the entire world is frothing at the mouth for cars like these... But big-picture, these are niche-vehicles, and I'm glad that Ford is still seeing the value of building these halo-type cars, that represent more than just profit-per-unit factoring cost-to-engineer/build versus revenue-when-sold. It's practically impossible for them to make profitable cars on such a small scale. Where the scales tilt to the positive (the only way the project managers are able to make a viable business model on these SVT vehicles) is to factor "marketing value" on the credit-side as a tangible revenue/value source, due to the amount of magazine covers and editorial and TV exposure, etc.etc... that these types of vehicles invariably get for FREE, weighted against what that same exposure would be worth if they had to PAY for it..), they also represent huge marketing and image value to the entire brand. Think about it, when the new Focus comes out, it doesn't get plastered on the cover of every magazine and internet home page in the world. But build a Shelby?? Man, there's a ton of advertising/marketing value there, when the media plasters the image for their own benefit of drawing an audience, that Ford doesn't have to spend a dime to obtain.

    When Dodge first introduce the Viper, on paper, they lost a ton of money on each car sold. BUT, when they assigned a value to all of the free press and exposure and good-image-building that resulted in Dodge's favor, the Viper actually was a big winner. It's like P-Diddy... he spends alot of stupid money to create the glitzy image... and then makes a KILLING selling the sweat-shop-made clothes.
  9. Go take a gander at the current eBay ads for GT500's. You see there are more than a few dealers with cars for sale which aren't drawing the big $$ the first few offered did. I think the balloon is deflating a little already. The numb nuts who just HAD to have the first ones are already committed so now maybe the more sane consumers are waiting for the prices to reach sub-stratospheric levels.

  10. He is Christ's little brother. What is Club Defence?:shrug:
  11. Thanks 351 for the information... I figured you would have it and I didn't want to throw out something that was inaccurate.

    Two things I want to point out just for talking:
    1) The Terminator Volume / GT500 planned volumes are almost identical
    2) The Shelby will be sold at every dealer verses the Terminators that were only available at 600 SVT dealerships.

    After September this year, I bet the prices on the cars will come down even more. There can only be so many people with the "gotta have it now" factor and the massive availabilty of these cars. I mean every showroom will have one on display.
  12. Spoke to my salesman yesterday. I asked him when their first 500 would show up. They are expecting it the first week of July. I asked if it was sold. He said no they were putting it on Ebay. he said he had a guy come in and offer 10k over CASH in hand. He wasn't allowed to accept it. He said his comission would have been 2500 he had to refuse. He won't be making any money off of the ebay deal. Too bad he is an honest good guy.
  13. I see it time and time again. A foolish and greedy dealer turning away a HUGE offer (anybody dumb enough to pay $10K over MSRP should cause a dealer's sales manager to dance for joy, and sell the car..) only to put the car on eBay, and ....... do worse than the cash offer they had, so they try again, and all the while, the clock is ticking.... TICK....TICK..... and the balloon is deflating, and they wind up selling the car months later for something closer to MSRP and licking their wounds. Problem is, they're so pigheaded and defiant, that when the next "hot thing" rolls around, they'll make the same mistake over and over again.

    Don't be mad, just pull up a chair, pop a beer, and enjoy the madness. Watching the antics that abound when new highly-anticipated performance cars roll out is highly entertaining if you keep the proper perspective.
  14. Any GT500's in the showrooms yet

    any dealer taken delievery?


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  15. Cars are not due to the showrooms until July (since it's a 2007 model) so don't expect delivery of one until later next month.
  16. Those who fail to learn from history are damned to repeat it.

    A year ago dealers turned down offers @ $50K over sticker for Ford GTs only to sell them over the past few months for about sticker.

    The same thing will happen with GT-500s. The market will not support AMVs of $20K for more than a few months.
  17. GT-500s are being held at AAI until this coming Monday June 26.
    If no problems are found with the GT-500s that have been build so far, they will be released for shipment to dealers on Monday June 26.
  18. Man, that is sooner than I thought...

    I guess the sooner they are released, the sooner the bubble will burst and we can go back to our daily routines.