Can't believe he did it !!! Bought an 03 Cobra

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Green Machine, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. Drove to work on Tuesday am, and there it set a 03 Cobra ( deep blue ) My friend had talked about looking at one, but he didn't mention any more about it. His wife's Honda had the tryanny starting to slip. So he ended up trading it in. So he now owns a 03 Cobra, and a 2000 GT with lots of mods. His wife wanted him to have it and was excited for him to get it. We need more women like that on this planet. :nice:

    Btw - the Cobra had 88k on it, and had a chip and pulley, Dense Charger CAI, and a Bassani cat'd x-pipe and cat back installed. So you can imagin how well this thing runs. 1st & 2nd gear spin the wheels with just tapping the go pedal. It's scary fast. The boost guage pegs at 10 lbs, and he's not sure with the chip what the previous owner had the boost set at. We're working on road trip to get his Cobra, and my GT dyno'd in next 2 weeks. I'll post the results. He's planning on swaping his 275x40x17 Nitto DR's off the GT to the Cobra. Can't wait till he gets it to the track. :banana:
  2. 88k miles? Woah...kind of a lot for an 03. Either way, congrats to your friend!

  3. The 03' has 88k miles? That's a lot of miles in a year. Not that it's bad but damn I couldn't drive that much if I tried. That's cool he got one of those though!
  4. Nik_92Stang

    You're right that was a lot of miles. I misunderstood the mileage, it was only 8200 miles on it. He's put 200 on it since Monday. He's taken a couple of people around the block, and scared them. This thing is soooo fast. :spot:

    I'm trying to figure how I can afford a K. Bell twin screw SC so I can keep up with it.

    Thanks Dewman. :nice:
  5. 03 cobras are BADASS.. I would love it if one of my friends had one, instead of all the pesky ls1's around here.
  6. lol...he meant to say 8k not 88k. i was gonna say thats almost impossible. sweet buy tho :)