Mach 1 Can't find 3rd gear at the track...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Angus, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. I went to the track tonight, and unfortunately could not get my transmission into 3rd gear 4 out of 8 runs. :mad:

    Car only has 1700 miles on it, and shifted wonderfully before tonight. Shifts great if I shift at less than 6000 rpm or very slowly (but what fun is that???)

    I'm going to check the Steeda Tri-Ax I installed @ 300 miles, but I doubt if I'll find anything.

    Is there a real, documented fix for this "3rd gear lock-out" problem???
  2. The only time I have a problem is when I go back to grabbing the shifter, that's a NO NO on this car. Always use the palm of your hand when shifting to 3rd otherwise you'll miss 3rd or have to fight it.

    You may want to check your stop bolts also.........good luck :nice:

  3. I have the same problem..I noticed while in second, I was holding the shifter hard to the right and would slam it up while keeping the pressure to the right and hit between 3rd and 5th. ( I think anyway) I used to shift this way in my 99 GT and could shift as fast as 1st to 2nd and 3rd to fourth. I just have to get used to it i guess?? I do have to shift slower to hit 3rd. How do I check the stop bolts? I have 1200 miles on my torch red ride now. Love the car, but I'm leary of third gear! lol
  4. If you don't have an aftermarket shifter like the triax, pro 5, or UPR you won't have any. The stock shifter uses the stops in the 3650 tranny.

    I grab to shift 1st to 2nd, Palm push 2nd to 3rd, Grab 3rd to 4th, and push 4th to 5th. Seems to work for me, you may try it but it's hard to break old habbits.
  5. Out of the three shifters you listed above, what is the best one. The price differance isn't worth mentioning. Also how much of a pain in the arse are they to install?
  6. They are all very good. I have the UPR $144, most will tell you the triax, haven't driven a pro 5 but they have a good following. I would buy my UPR again its just like the triax but cheaper and as good or better quality and no noise issues. I don't think it matters the one you get all are high quality.

    Triax would win in a vote though......... :flag:

    They are short throw shifters and most love them, they are much tigher on shifts than the stock shifter.
  7. UPR here as well with no issues.

    Any of the three shifters mentioned would be an improvement and installation is very easy.
  8. I have a Tri-Ax in my GT and love it, but am getting a Pro 5.0 for the Mach 1, just to spread the love a little, and see if there are any noticeable differences between the two - which I don't really expect.

  9. My big complaint is sometimes I cant get into reverse.
    Even if I go thru all of the forward gears it still want. Ill move forward, then let out the clutch in netural and all.

    Been a few times where I am in traffic and the damn thing just refuses to budge. Then finally it will go.
  10. Try changing the shift knob. It worked for me. I have had 3 stangs, and changed the Knob in everyone of them. I have big hands so I went with the round cue ball type. It allows me to move my hand around at different angles when shifting into different gears. I havent tried any of the shifters that have been mentioned. The one thing I did do, was change the shifter handle. That helps also. In my last 2 stangs, i changed the to the MGW handle. It allows you to adjust the height and the angle of the handle. No more reaaaaching for 5th gear.