Can't find wheels for GT500?

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  1. All the sites I look at only have a few wheels for the GT500. I would really like to find a deep dish bullet wheel like the ones I put on my o5 GT. Where can I look for wheels specifically for the GT500 and know that they will fit? I want 18X10 all around and they seem few and far between.
  2. The problem with deep dish is they don't have room for the GT500s brakes. I'm sure you can find a GT owner who will do you a no-cost swop though.... ;)

    They have bada$$ 18" and 20" wheels for the Shelbys. They are the Shelby Razors. They are completely bad$$!!!

    My Dad has a GT500 but he doesn't want to do anything to it. But I can't complain, it is fast and I have put about 600 miles on it.
  4. This is where I bought mine. They will build to your spec so any size and width you want. Trying to decide on wheels was the hardest thing I've done to the car to date.

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  5. CCW will make any of there wheels you can do 11" wide in the rear too. I like the look of a 19" X 10" up front and a 19" X 11" rear with 295 or 305


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  6. Those CCW's look damn good on pretty much any car!
  7. Check out the Carroll Shelby Wheel Company. They just came out with a 18x9.5 CS69 designed specifically to fit the big brakes.