Cant find where to change minumum injector pulsewidth?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by dderek, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. im trying to change my injectors to match my 24#'s

    im going according to the tweecer manual off their site.
    i changed the high slope to 24.5
    changed the low slope to 30
    changed the breakpoint function

    but it says change the minimum injector pulsewidth to 0.0000050
    and i cant find that ANYWHERE. i looked under functions, scalars, tables.

    am i overlooking it? does it have a different name?:shrug:
  2. That part of the Manual was not written for the Fox computer.

    The min inj pw is not adjustable on our computers. It is locked in as 2ms I believe.

    I was told this by Mike Glover from STKR.

    There is more a elaborate explanation in the sticky Some Basic Tweecer Tips.

    good luck and congrats on the first real question in the tuner section.


  3. do you have aim?
    then you can take a look at some of my logs and see where im at. i dont fully understand quite yet.
  4. I don't have aim.

    There is a program called EEC Analyzer that will help you analyze your data logs. You can download a free non operational copy here

    It is $50 for the operational version, but what it has allowed me to do has been priceless.
    Easily worth every penny, and the creator of the program is very helpful.

    If you want to send a datalog to me send me a pm. I can't make any promises as I still consider myself a tweecer noob, but I will see what I can do.

  5. Ah i remember my friend telling me about that program.
    ive forgotton all about it, he also said it was well worth having.

    downloaded it on my laptop.
    its got so many tabs and off the wall things i dont know what im looking at. or if it would help me
  6. Yeah, EA can do alot of things. I have only worked through maybe half of the tabs so far.

    As long as you have loaded a good MAF Transfer, you should be good to start fine tuning the injector settings. EA has help folders in each tab that will better describe what is happening there.

    I would recommend starting with the Injector slopes, then getting into the vBat Offsets.

    Come back if you have questions.