can't get myself to order the mgw!!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by chrisbudl1, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. I have had the money sitting around for it for a while now, but I just don't order it. first it was which handle, I think eventually i'll get a blue one. any inspiration????? thanks chris :bang:
  2. Order it already, get both handles. :D
  3. I don't even remember which handle I chose, but I'm so happy with it I don't even care! Getting both as suggested would cover all bases. You will not be disappointed!!
  4. I'm the same way with the JLT, I sold over $300 in parts from my former GT but for some reason I cannot part with the money :(
  5. If you don't have an aftermarket shifter already, it's probably the best mod you can do for your car...the stock shifter is horrible and the MGW will make a night and day difference in your driving...
  6. Yes, buy the MGW shifter. Get both handles. That is what I did. Very easy swap, easy intall too. I had the Tri-Ax in my GT, love the MGW :hail2:
  7. Just DO IT !!! :lol:

    This should have been your first mod !

    I wake up late at night and drive my rides, because they shift so SWEET !!
  8. Ya can't go wrong with the MGW Shifter (I use the red handle) in fact all the MGW stuff are 1st class. While your at it get the JLT CAI/RAI (I choose the RAI) you won't be sorry!
  9. Im the same way, but need to just do it. All I have heard from the MGW is good feedback. Think Ill get the blue (short) handle and then get the red later if I want. Have driven both and I like the short one though.
  10. Best shifter ever, I love mine.
  11. allright, I ordered the blue handle. any tips on install? setting the stops?? thanks, chris
  12. Directions come with it - just follow them. Its easy.

    I love my blue handle!!
  13. Yeah, just follow the directions...and use this method to get the stock shifter's much better than beating on it with a mallet...
  14. thanks for the link, Haven't taken that apart yet, so it will all be new.
  15. This is probably going to be my next mod, I HATE the stock shifter. I'll probably go with the red handle cause I'm short and it's hard for me to reach the thing. How much further back than stock does the red handle put the knob?
  16. i'll let you know when I get the blue one in. I think it's gonna be pretty short!
  17. what he said!
  18. Got the RAI from JLT. Makes the supercharger sound sooooo pretty. :D
  19. On order!

    My MGW Shifter should be here tomorrow! I had the Steeda one on my GT, shifted nice, but damn that thing was loud. When I got the revs up sounded like my tranny was going to take off! Hope this lives up to the fuss. I got the prefab gasket too. Red handle, I'm 6' and want a comfortable shfiter since its my daily driver. I have a feeling I WONT be dissapointed, these seem to be the $hit. :nice:
  20. I love's awesome...MGW red handle here...may try the red...I have plenty of room "gorilla arms"...So....I have a hard time getting into 3rd and 5th sometimes. I should re-tighten it up again...have not since I installed it. And my alignment may be off kilter a bit on my handle.

    MGW rocks