can't get myself to order the mgw!!!

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  1. i am in the process of ordering my mgw too. i got the blue handle.... i have heard nothing but good on this. good luck man!!
  2. How short are you...I'm 5'7" and have no problems with the blue.
  3. Installed mine tonight!

    Got mine installed a few hours ago. I used the prefab gasket instead of the goo and the install went well. I got the red handle and I am VERY glad I did. It seems a tad short as is (I am 6') I personally would not want it any farter away from me, its a tad of a reach already. Its very notchy like my Triax was in my GT and I know it will soften up a bit in a few weeks. I need to get used to it. I keep double checking my 1st to 2nd shifts because they are so short I am afraid I am not in gear (2nd) :eek: But I havent ground or missed a gear yet, like I said I just need more time to get used to it. Installation took me just under 2 hours and of that about 45 mins was I had to reset the stops twice (I wanted them perfect) and I kept driving around the block, moving the handle a bit, driving around the block again to get it just where I want it. No noise like my Triax I am so amazed, the thing is so quiet. And the shifts are very precise and firm. The directions are the best and most well written I have ever seen on any aftermarket auto part. Tons of pics and plenty of detail. This thing is made like a tank too, you hold it up to the stocker and its not even funny. What a work of art, I almost didnt want to cover it up :hail2:
    I must say, a great mod, everything I hoped it would be. Now I just need to get some more drive time in to get used to it. So to answer the questions: Is it better than stock? HELL YES ; Is it better than the Triax? Yes, but not like twice as good or anything, just more quiet and more smooth.
  4. 5'9. I think the red handle should be fine though. I'd rather be more comfortable since I only race every now and then.
  5. Blue is comfortable for me :shrug:

    EDIT: Oh by the way...DSG cobra :drool:
  6. can anyone post some photos of the two together for comparison id like to see the difference in them
  7. put mine in tonight took three hours, took my time, and had to go back a couple of steps. I'm 5-9, 5-10, and the blue handle isn't a problem at all. not nearly as short as I thought, I have a b&m knob. The gears line up good, and it definately feels more percise. Just went around the block. I guess it was worth it. well see after some more driving. chris
  8. pics

    Heres the stocker and the MGW :nice:

    Kinda hard to tell from my pic, but the base on the stocker is only like 1/8 of an inch thick :notnice: The side view shows the lip, it curves up an is about 1/3 as thick as it looks in the picture.

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  9. i, too have the tri-ax, whats the deal with these mgw's what is the big deal?
  10. the deal

    The deal is:
    The MGW is a better design. I had a Triax in my past Stang and I prefer the MGW, here's why:

    -The MGW has a thicker, heavier base that seems to greatly reduce vibration.

    -The MGW has is made so that you dont have to cut your inner dust boot which seems to reduce tranny noise over the Triax.

    -The MGW handle design seems to grealy reduce vibration and tranny noise.

    When I had my Triax, downshifting especially would cause the shifter handle to vibrate badly and loudly. The MGW is slightly less "notchy" than the triax and seems to shift more smoothly while still feeling much more precise than the stocker.
    In a nutshell...It's much quieter and has less vibration when compared to other shifers. After a few days of getting used to it, I cant imagine going back to stock!
  11. never had an aftermarket shifter before, but this one is awesome. the only sound you hear is going through the gears. very positive shifts, and no slop!!!!!. I would definately recommend it to anyone with a manual tranny.
  12. So what did all you guys do about all of the extra boot cover? Did you cut it shorter? I have seen it left alone and it looks like a blanket wadded up around the shifter.
  13. Here

    Heres mine. I left it as is, I think it looks fine. I have the red handle.

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  14. :rlaugh: Yes a manual trans would probably be a good first step to ordering this shifter :stick: JK. I ordered mine today, I'll post as soon as I get it in and give my opinion of it for what it's worth :shrug: compared to the stock shifter.