cant get o/r h to seal

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  1. cant get an offroad h pipe to seal at the headers. both sides leak. it is as tight as i can get it. any ideas?
  2. NAPA sells gaskets.

  3. got any pics/part numbers? there really isnt any napa's nearby i have autozone and oreilly's. when i say it wont seal, i mean like not a tiny leak, its not sealing at all...everything appears to be lined up well too
  4. I would try autozone. I just got one at NAPA. If it's not sealing at it the wrong donut connector? The gasket is like an 1/8" thick. I don't know if it will solve your problems or not.

  5. what do you mean donut connector? it is the ball/socket design like stock. everything looks lined up right
  6. Yeah, where the h-pipe connects to the headers. Sorry I'm not much help here.

  7. Make sure you don't have any dings on the SOCKET end. That will cause it. Don't OVER tighten the bolts either. Take a look at both. Good luck
  8. Do you have emissions to worry about? If not, just weld it.

  9. Try an impact gun. That migh get them tight enough. My exhaust had a leak and I went to a local muffler shop and they just impacted it reall quick for me.

    But with an o/r pipe a muffler shop might not tough it.
  10. i probably have your answer (someone said it before). i have had an exhaust leak just like that for about a month now. it was from over tightening the bolts and i actually flared out the socket part on the o/r pipe so that it didnt make a full connection. well i went to a speed shop and got some Mr. Gasket exhaust gaskets (autozone and pepboys dont have them so you might need to order online if you dont have a speed shop or napa around). i cut holes for the bolts to go through and just a lil bit bigger of a hole than the opening of the header. loosened the hpipe, slipped them in and tightened them up. boom, month long exhaust leak gone.

    now i just have to stop my catback from leakin :(
  11. Try these...Its what i use...the P/N you see on the box should be a good number.I trim the holes out, loosen the connection enuf to slide them in...should cure it...

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  12. I just had O/R H-pipes installed, and they leak also at flanges to header pipes. Did you get yours fixed? Do you have to put in gaskets or whats the best way to stop the leak?
  13. I don't use any gaskets between LTs and O/R H pipe and H-pipe/flowmasters

    Bay the way riffraff you have nice Stang :nice:
  14. mine is sitting in the garage untouched since i posted this :p
  15. Got the leaks fixed... Just welded the H-Pipes in the center where they connect together. No way will a u-clamp keep it from leaking. Guess thats the disadvantage with 2-piece H-pipes. Got them from Jegs and they fit good.