Cant Pass Emissions

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  1. Aright, i have gone 3 times and i have failed every time. My first time my Hydro carbons were 1.8 and it needs to be 0.800, and nox was 2.2 and needs to be 2.0. The second time i put this fluid in my gas and got 1.7 in hydro carbons and 2.4 on nox. SO i tried getting it really hot for the third time and got 6.6 for hydro carbons which made me fail, and passed the rest of it with flying colors. Does anybody have some suggestions on how to lower my hyrdo carbons without having to pay a lot of cash, so i can stop going to that stupid place. thanks
  2. Hydrocarbons come from fuel, so you're probably running rich. NOx usually comes from high combustion temperatures. If you still have the factory cats, I'd swap them back on for the test.

  3. Is this a DMV inspection or a gas station inspection station?
  4. Have you tried running codes? You might have a sensor malfunctioning.

    Also, the new cats you have might be your problem. When I think of MAC i DON'T think of high quality. I would bet the cats aren't doing their job.

    Check your EGR valve. It should keep your NOX emmisions down if working properly.

    But if your cats aren't working, that could be your one and only problem.

    When did you install the h-pipe? Do you have any emmisions numbers before the h-pipe installation? Might be a clue.

  5. Thanks for the help, i got them put on a like a year ago, and got emissions like 3 years ago, so i dont have the emissions paper from back then. TOday its getting tuned and looked at to see if it is something else besides exuast. so i will let u know if i can pass or not.
  6. weld some custom exhaust with like 6 cats or pay someone off to pass you, that works in connecticut. i hate emissions
  7. Mikes95GT,

    The single most common cause for failing emissions inspections (on mostly-stock cars), is O2 sensor failure or malfunction.

    Read your codes and see if you have any relating to O2 sensors and/or rich A/F mixtures.

    If you still have your original O2 sensors, they may be due for replacement.
  8. Hey dude, bump your timing back down...that will probably help. I'm surprised no one mentioned that earlier.
  9. turn your fuel pressure down if you have an afpr

  10. yES IF TIMING IS HIGH it will not pass put it back 2 stock and run a tank on 87 and try again