Can't we all get a long ?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Pro-Hawk, May 21, 2004.

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  1. u know what i just realised? ford shoudve gave our cars the 3.0L v6 taurus SHO motor haha.
  2. I have an idea. How about you all ban together and make fun of the import guy??? =P
  3. :lol: A man dedicated to unity
  4. You said it better than me :nice: All this Mustang on Mustang hate crime crap is boring me to :sleep: I don't care if my car beats a V8 if it does cool but what I really want to do is cook some rice :flame:
  5. hah notice Stanglx's name did somebody start out with a 4 banger? yes he did! he's so cute wooby wooba weela weoeoeoeo awww he make stinky
  6. [QUOTE='03 6-Speed]I just can't wait for monkey or StangLx to wrap their car around a tree because they decided to race a v6 on the street and were getting beat, and they'll realize that all of that speed isn't worth it and go buy a taurus or something.[/QUOTE]

    :hail2: :hail2: :nice:
  7. Well if either then or you does this I need your: spindles, cals, rotors, and A-arms Exspecaily if the calipers are off a 03' Cobra :nice:
  8. Unless it was a 5.0 LX....
  9. So what is different about 03' Cobra calipers vs other Cobra calipers?
  10. Ignorant! That's just being ignorant!!!

  11. 70hp. :rolleyes:

  12. Umm...I'm still in the researching part on this. I believe the late model Cobras like the 03-04's came with the 13" rotors. Also I think they have a 2 or 4 piston caliper which would be nice to upgrade with. I really don't care ATM if my donner car is a GT or a Cobra but the bigger brakes would be nice. See its not really the brakes that I'm really after, its the ablilty to install a replaceable lower ball joint. The bigger brakes is a bounse :nice: The SVOs has a non replaceable ball joint, when they went bad you installed a new lower A-arm. I tubeular A-arm at that ;) Anyways Ford stoped making them and we're forced to modify our arms or do some sort of swap like the SN95:( I'm thinking about the SN95 since Ford will probly still make most of those parts for years to come and just think how many has been made already that may end up in a J/Y for parts. As a added bounus it will allow a bigger wheel selction for my SVO also not that I want to set a fashion trend but the ablity to uses a lower profile tire would help in counering.
  13. i would like to assume it was the 4 banger thanks
  14. All Cobras from 94-04 have had the same calipers and rotors. The only difference and I'm not sure when this started but at one point Brembo made the 13" rotors for Ford's Cobras. (My 99 had Brembo rotors)
  15. :scratch:
  16. Thanks for the heads up :nice: Do you know how many pistons is in the Calipers from 99-04' by chance? I found a guy who started making the SVO A-arms with replaceable ball joints but at 750.00 a pair I think the SN95 set up is a hair better deal. The thought of running a bigger rotor/2 piston cals makes me want the SN95 stuff even more ;)

  17. I like that quote. It makes sense. :nice:
  18. Yeah screw ricers, we all drive American made cars. Friken ***** cars coming over to the U.S. and hurting the domestic automotive sales. Leave the asian cars where you got them from! ASIA!
  19. Oh the blanked out word above is C-H-I-N-K.
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