Canton front sump 302 oil pan

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Travis77, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Canton road race 302 oil pan

    I recently bought this oil pan off ebay. It is for a 302 but I was told it was for a 351W. Anyway, it is like new and comes with the dipstick and pickup. It's a very nice piece. I was told it never leaked and used felpro gaskets. I can send pics if needed.

    It is model # 15-630

    Need $180. May be able to help with shipping.

    It would be hard to find this for less than $320 new.
  2. its for the 302 or the 351, not both like your wording puts it out to be
  3. I have that pan, and 180 is a great, great price. They do run ~ 320 or so retail.
  4. It is the model# 15-630 which is for a 302. If it was for a 351W it would be 15-680. Thanks
  5. Does it come with the crank scraper and windage tray? Also, what is shipping to 95388? Thanks.
  6. It does not have the scraper or windage tray. I will check on shipping. I will also try to post pics.
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