Car accessory no car owner should be without

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  1. Car accessory no car owner should be without- pic link fixed

    The GPS Snitch combines high-sensitivity GPS technology with the wireless data capabilities of the cellular telephone system, to provide real-time position tracking over the Internet. By logging into your account either from a computer or your web-enabled cellular phone, you are able to track the location of your GPS Snitch in real-time. The Ultimate in Security
    The GPS Snitch includes a high-sensitivity motion detection system. You program your Snitch to email you, and/or send a text message to your cellphone whenever motion is detected. Then all you need to do is login into your account, click "locate" and see exactly where your GPS-Snitch Unit is. If it's hidden in your vehicle - then you'll know where it is too. Intelligent Motion Detection
    More than just being sensitive to movement, the GPS Snitch also knows the difference between simple vibration, and traveling. Once the GPS Snitch detects movement, it automatically establishes a GPS perimeter around itself. If the GPS Sntich leaves the security perimeter, a second alert message is sent to you to tell you that your GPS Snitch is on the move. Tracking On the Go
    The GPS Snitch is also fully SMS enabled. Using an SMS enabled cellular phone, you can request and receive a GPS location from your Snitch. If you mobile device is web enabled, you can also login to the web-based tracking system and view locations on the go. Unmatched Piece of Mind
    The GPS Snitch is as small as a cellular phone. Its self-contained battery ensures you can update request a location at anytime. Combine the Security Perimeter capabilities and set an email alert, and you can use the GPS Snitch to make sure you know where your child or loved one is at all times. You don't need to own a GPS Snitch to use LTR's.
    If you have a GPS Snitch account, and a friend or family member has invited you to their Friends-List; you can purchase a TrackPack, and use them to see where they are.

    Price is $369, and montly monitoring plans start at $9.99/mo. This is a hot brand new product for '07 and the factory can't keep up. We will have our units in stock in 2 weeks as the factory is backordered and can't keep up with demand. We have more information in our online store on the GPS Snitch. Call to place your order and get in line for the best new product in vehicle tracking.

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  2. We have Snitch units now available for shipment. They can be purchased for $369 through our online store at and is located under Product Lines. We have a demo unit we use to invite potential customers to track and see how the unit works online. All you need to do is pm or email me your address and we will send you a link to register and track our unit.