Car and Driver Review- 05 Stang vs. 05 GTO

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  1. Car & Driver says 2005 Mustang is better than 2005 GTO !

    That's right I said 2005 GTO.

    C&D had a muscle car test of the 05 Stang vs. the new 400 HP 2005 GTO. Both were manual trannies.

    They considered including the 238 HP RX-8, 240 HP Accord V-6 & 298 HP G-35, but decided that real muscle cars have V8s.

    As you might expect the 92 octane guzzling 6.0L, GTO won 0-60 (4.8 vs 5.1) and the 1/4 (13.3 @ 107 vs 13.8 @ 103), but the Mustang won just about everything else (skidpad .89g vs .88g & slalom 64.7 mph vs 62.9 ) and the overall score. Note the GTO has 245/45ZR-17 tires vs. those skinny, tall 235/55R-17 tires on the Mustang. Imagine what the new Stang will do when the 18" tires come along.

    C&D noted now that their test Mustang has a few miles on it, it's getting faster, running 0-60 0.1 seconds faster and 1 MPH faster trap speed in the 1/4 over their test last month. Their test car weighed in at 3575 lb. It had most options including the shaker 1000, which I bet adds at least 50 lb to the Mustang. Weight distribution was 52.5% F / 42.5% R probably due to those sub-woofers and amps in the trunk. C&D said that altough they wouldn't order the Shaker 1000 on their own Mustangs, it did sound better than the GTO's Blaupunkt.

    The 05 GTO does not look anything like the concept GTO that was at Woodward. It adds hood scoops and a new front valance. C&D said of the GTO's styling improvements: " Imagine your aunt Clara penciling in some more angry eyebrows, and you get the idea."

    C&D said that EVERY one of their test team decided if they had to buy either a GTO or a Mustang, they would get a Mustang. That included one tester who before the test was a GTO bigot and told all the other C&D people that the GTO would win the test by a large margin.

    C&D's only complaints on the Mustang were, steering wheel is too large, steering effort is too light, they found they could get the rear end hopping sideways on certain bumps and they didn't like the optional red interior.
  2. If I were in the market for another new car, and my choices were the 05 Mustang or the 05 GTO, I'd likely pick the Mustang based on my own preferences and biases. However, I would like to comment on one point you made:

    The gas guzzling moniker is inaccurate, especially as it pertains to the manual cars. The 05 GT M5 is rated at 17/25 mpg. The 04 GTO M6 is rated at 17/29 mpg. That's even in the city, and significanly better on the highway. Granted, that is the 04 with the 5.7L LS1, but if the Vette is any indication (and it should be, as they shared engine in both 04 and 05), the 05 GTO will get similar, if not the same mileage. It makes sense....the LSX-based GMs always do well on mileage.

    FYI...A5 Mustangs are rated at 18/23 mpg and A4 GTOs are rated at 16/21 mpg (and pay a gas guzzler tax because of it).

    Just some friendly info. :)
  3. What happened to the other 5%? lol
  4. GTO beat the GT in every worth while category except skid pad (due to crappy tires) and lost in their review. But you know what? They think it looks better so it wins. In fact they gave the GT 7 points for "must buy", what type of crap is that? Is "must buy" some sort of rice sticker that makes the car drive better, go faster, or stop quicker?

    Tells you something about their reviews.

    Plus we have documented 12.9's from the 05 GTO and Pontiac will be claiming 13.0 when it goes on sale.

    But I know you guys are going to ignore those facts so I won't post in this thread again.

  5. :owned:
    Obviously a biased review... As he stated, the GTO scored higher in every important area but skid pad... so now what?

    Oh yeah,,"must buy" is something car and driver added to tip the scales to cover their butts for Ford paying for all that advertising...
  6. I bet if it was reversed and the GTO got the "must buy" award then you'd be saying "finally C&D recognizes the greatness of the GTO". You only have a problem with it because the GTO didn't win. Also, I think the fact that the GTO isn't selling worth a damn says that C&D isn't that far off the mark. Just because a car has great peformance numbers doesn't mean it's desirable by the public at large. It's time to suck it up and face the facts that even though the GTO is a great performer, it's a sales failure to this point (and 50 more HP isn't likely to change that much).

  7. Nobody is debating the appeal to the masses. And it wasnt reversed. So... Go by the facts and it does win. I really dont want to be like everyone else. Driving a car that you see at every stop light. The GTO is a niche car. However, I do prefer the styling of the 05 GT.
    But I dont buy based on looks. Performance first, comfort second, looks third. Maybe thats why I like the GTO. I am in that niche.
    If you could take the shell of the 05 GT and drop the interior and the drivetrain from the GTO into it, then that would be an incredible car.
    I believe though that is what we will be seeing with the 07 camaro. A sweet looking, powerful car that has broad appeal and still waxes the stang...
  8. price of vehicles?
  9. And that's cool for you but unfortunately for GM, it's a small niche. As for myself, I don't have a prioritized list. I take the car as a whole and judge it with all those factors you mentioned rolled up together. The GTO certainly appeals to me from a performance standpoint but not enough to out-weigh the styling. The "appeals to the masses" factor was figured in by C&D and based on those facts, the Mustang wins. Unfortunately for the GTO, it wasn't just a straight peformance numbers comparison. That would be unrealistic in a world where style is a factor in a buying decision.

    I believe that would be called the 2007 Cobra! :D
  10. I have to disagree. I would say the 2007 Cobra will put out a good amt more of HP. But I would also guess its going to be nearing the 45-50k price point. The 2007 GTO is redesigned also with another powerplant in store. The fact is, there are going to be tons of fast cars on the market over the next few years...Also there is a "JUDGE" GTO coming out next year that is going to be 500hp and the competition for the Cobra or whatever dare get in its path...

    I see you had a SHO. I am also a former SHO owner. I loved that car. It made friends with a tree though (tough crowd)

  11. The Gas guzzling stab at the GTO was in regards to it requiring 92+ there bobby boy:) When you factor in the premium paid for premium fuel it most likely would be a wash in terms of operating cost.

  12. Funny, mine doesnt require it...
  13. I loved mine too but once it got to the point where every time I needed a part I was told "it'll be 2-3 days before we can get it in", I had to say buh-bye! The Mazda 6 has been a great replacement. Similar size and power but much higher quality and a vastly superior suspension. I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the 6 and buy a Mustang GT!

  14. What??? All LS1 motors require premium fuel.....if they don't this is news to me :shrug:
  15. Do you have a 2005 with the 400HP LS2?
  16. No, unfortunately not...
  17. Oh contraire, the gas guzzling moniker is quite accurate, especially as it pertains to manual cars.

    The 2004 GTO manual is assessed a federal gas guzzer tax.

    Since the GTO requires 92 octane premium gas, it nees to get 10% better gas mileage just to have the same fuel cost as the Mustang. And premium gas takes more crude oil to manufacture.

    In C&D's test the GTO got 2 MPG WORSE mileage than the Mustang. Factor in the premium gas cost and your gas costs for the GTO will be 25% higher than for a Mustang GT.
  18. So the "lane change" which is a slalom where the Mustang ran almost 2 MPH faster doesn't count?
  19. Again, the lane change maneuver where the Mustang smoked the GTO doesn't count/

    I'd say that the Mustang's narrow, tall 235/55R-17 tires are crapyier than the GTO's WIDER, LOWER PROFILE 245/45-17 tires.

  20. Actually the GTO isnt required to use premium. My manual say 91 and higher recommended. How does 17/29 for GTO and 17/25 for mustang equal 2mpg worse? And premium fuel is only 10% higher in cost