Car and Driver Review- 05 Stang vs. 05 GTO

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  1. "Talk about putting a spin on things. So now we call lack of sales "exclusivity" and mundane styling "stealth"?"

    Do you think everyone wants to drive a car that sells 150K a year? In 5 years, everyone on the block will have the new Mustang. Some people want to be seen as individuals and have cars that nobody else drives.

    When I'm considering the RX-8, vs. Mustang, vs. GTO, I like the "niche" factor of the other two cars. The RX-8 has a rotary engine. The GTO is the only Australian-made car sold in this country. Both cars sell fairly low volume--the RX-8 has projected sales of 1/5th the Mustang's every year, and the GTO sells half that.

    On the other hand, take the Mustang... In 5 years, the Mustang will be filling up high-school parking lots... That is what the cheap price, huge performance and flashy styling get you. The GTO on the other hand "blends in" on the outside, but impresses on the inside with its luxury. The RX-8 is just so unique it stands out too. The Mustang is the Mustang.. Everybody knows about it, everybody has one, and that is why you guys like it. I ain't trying to say that you guys are wrong, but not everybody wants that... That's what pisses me off about this place... It's like people can't understand why anybody would want anything other than a Mustang.... I know this is a Mustang enthusiast forum, but if you bring up the GTO or Subaru Legacy on the RX-8 forum, those cars will get props. People here on the other hand don't just **** about other cars--they **** about the superiority of different versions of the Mustang... You Mustang-lovers sure are war-like people.

    And you guys gotta understand that not everyone wants to be seen in a sports car. Some people would rather "blend in".
  2. I fully understand that some people want a more understated or exclusive car. What does that have to do lackluster sales of the GTO? :shrug:
  3. Here is another point about the GTO... The way it is selling is a good thing. Well, at least for me as a person who is interested in buying the GTO... Because that means it will have huge depreciation... In 2-3 years, the 2005s might be $18K used...
  4. "What does that have to do lackluster sales of the GTO?"

    Why would I, as a consumer, care about the lack-luster sales of the GTO? That means that it gets offered with discounts, so from my perspective it becomes a better value...

    Now to be fair, the HUGE sales goal of the 2005 Mustang can be viewed as a good thing too... Because that means by the end of 2005, to sell 150K units, there will be fat rebates. Probably at least $1,500... (Even the RX-8 had a $1,500 rebate and it had sales projections of 1/5th the Mustang's.)

    Whatever you guys say now, you are still in that phase where your car is new and unique, so you still get attention. When it is on every corner, it won't get that same attention. The guy in the RX-8 will have to wait five years to lose the exlusitivity that you guys will in one year.. The guy in the GTO will always have exlusivity, because the GTO is a limited production vehicle. You guys, on the other hand, obviously don't care about exclusivity (Maybe you think the Mods are the thing that makes your individual cars "exlusive") but not everyone wants a car that you can see on every corner. 150K... That's like 40-50% the sales of a Honda Accord...
  5. I suppose it would depend on how long you plan on keeping the car. As a consumer, I assume you wouldn't want to walk into an auto parts store eight years down the road, needing a part for your car only to find out it isn't something that is normally stocked because there were so few of them actually sold. Trust me on this one. I've been in that boat and it gets old having to wait on parts to arrive while your car sits in the driveway. If you plan on getting rid of the car within 3-5 years then no problem.

    BTW, exclusivity isn't something I'm concerned about. I buy a car because it fits my needs and is fun to drive. I don't really care if I see everywhere as long it's what I want in a car.
  7. I think the whole point is that a rating system doesn't tell you which car they like better. That is why they shouldn't use the rating system to rank cars. I can perfectly understand why the chose the Mustang over the GTO... I just don't think they should add a huge "gotta have it" factor that basically destroys the whole purpose of the rating system in the first place...

    And you Mustang guys that bought your car in the first year will see huge depreciation too... By the end of the second year, it will be a $21K car that you guys paid $25K for... The bottom line is that anybody who buys a car when it is just released will take a huge depreciation hit.
  8. i see lackluster sales as:

    1) a poor product
    2) a product with problems
    3) over priced
  9. And you know what the funniest thing about this article is? They never mention that, even when you win in a GTO, the Mustang is still far more likely to get you laid.
  10. Agreed. Here is what I think:

    1) A Poor Product: mainly looks. I think it's a nice looking car, but like everyone else says, it doesn't stand out. I read in Motor Trend, however, that the interior is nearly BMW-quality.

    2) A Product With Problems. Haven't heard of any major recalls. :shrug:

    3) Over priced: Just a little. The base price is, what...$33k?
  11. The GTO looks like an old mazda 626 or some other family-ricer. :notnice: It has a sweet engine tho.
  12. I'm sure someone applied similar logic in attempting to explain why Harley-Davidson motorcycles wouldn't remain popular and a large volume seller :rolleyes: .
  13. I really couldn't care less about how many other people own the car I have as long as it's the car I want. Every one of my neighbors could have the same car in the same color, and it wouldn't bother me. Mine would be better, of course... :D
  14. Yawn.

    '05 Mustangs are awesome
    '05 GTO's are ok
  15. Everybody seems to dislike the GTO for being plain jane well how come its not the same for something like a BMW M5?
    Both cars are wolves in sheeps clothing but the GTO gets picked on cause its "supposed to look like a muscle car". Absolute rubbish!
    All you people are so easily brainwashed by shiny flashy things.
    I guess thats why Need for Speed underground sold so many copies. Because theres too many brain dead people out there who are attracted to stuff that hits you straight in the face.

    The GTO looks great the way it is. I love its clean and simple face and there was no need to throw stupid bonnet scoops on it. Its because of all these morons out there who want big shiny wheels and huge exhausts and racing wings.
    Whoever thinks the GTO looks similar to a Mazda or Nissan or anything else needs to be drowned.

    It doesnt matter if the GTO never outsells the Mustang because its more expensive and not as big a family household name. Besides, most Mustangs sold will be the dirty V6 versions.
  16. I see a black "goat" on the road going to work occasionally, I'll change my rating from ok to actually pretty nice, it does look pretty good. With 400hp it is a car to be dealt with too but I just prefer a mustang. To each his own as long as it's :flag: .

  17. Let's not forget how a 260HP Mustang shut down production of 300+hp Camaro's and T/A's. I don't think Ford is to worried about the power advantage of the GTO :rolleyes: .

  18. It's not that it looks "plain jane", it's that it's ugly, it looks like a 10 year old Cavalier. M5's are beautiful cars, your GTO is not, my opinion, and I'm not over on your forum ramming it down your throat. Get it?

    And besides that, I really don't give a damn about them, I don't care how many Mustangs or GTO's are sold, I don't care which one is faster, I'm a Mustang nut, I love Mustangs, I love the styling, the 05 is a blower away from 500 horsepower which is all that is needed on the street. You can jack your GTO up to 2000 horsepower, but it still looks like a turd to me. People like you are completely unable to understand the passion the classic design of the Mustang stirs in people, we don't care how many others own them or how many times we see one on the road that looks like our own, because everyone of them is unique in their own way to their owner.

    I don't care about surprising zit faced ricers with a fast "sleeper" that they will never know what it even was because it's so "stealth". I'd rather enjoy the way this car brings people together and creates so much excitement, and when some ricer see's an 05's taillights, he know's what just smoked him.

  19. That's what I'm talk'in about! Even though I love my truck, I've been looking at mustangs for the last couple of years. Even before the new body style came out, it seemed like almost every other guy or gal on the road had a mustang, and I wanted one, too! When the new body style came out, I felt that I'd found the 'ultimate' mustang. If I were driving one around right now, sure I'd appreciate the 'exlusiveness' and newness of one, but that would just be a bonus. On the other hand, like I think Jon Do may have pointed out in a more understandable quote, when more of these babies come out, perhaps that will help with the price and/or availability of the mustang. And when there's a bunch of them running around, I'll be enjoying the sights! :banana:
  20. "I'm sure someone applied similar logic in attempting to explain why Harley-Davidson motorcycles wouldn't remain popular and a large volume seller."

    What are you talking about? I'm simply saying that not everybody wants a car that is a large volume seller...

    I like Stangbang's post. It very clearly indicates the real reasons why he prefers the Mustang. There are no bull**** excuses dismissing the GTO's usable backseat or power advantage in there. Just real, hard truth about why he isn't so concerned about these issues...

    That is the type of post I like to see on this forum. That shows passion and love for the car. The other people who out-and-out dismiss the GTO's advantages seem more delusional than passionate.