Car and Driver Review- 05 Stang vs. 05 GTO

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  1. :rolleyes:

    Oh, well I guess you are correct, the 2004 recommends 91 octane.
  2. What size tires for the GTO???? Thats the 04 size...
  3. Some people need to take a refresher course on reading comprehension. The 05 GTO beat the 05 GT simply in acceleration, which it should. The GT handles better per the 2 mph gap in slalom numbers. The cars brake nearly equally;1 foot isn't a big difference. I can't wait to see what a GT can do with lower profile max performance tires. Braking should improve quite a bit as well as handling.
  4. I own a Tyrol Blue '67 H.O. 4-speed Goat, I'm a long-standing and big-time GTO fan. As for the new GTO's, love the interior, great seats. The rest? Hard to get very emotional about. Down-under fit/finish and assembly is... um.... different, except for that nice interior of course. Heck, what do you guys care, I'm not buying either any too soon. My Lightning has plenty of good miles left in her, and with my earth-shattering approximate $900 bucks in mods :p runs toe-to-toe with even the new '05 GTO, and I can tow trailers and haul motorcycles in the back. It's just tight when I've got more than one passenger! ;) Beware the big bad truck, all you mortal car-drivers!!!!
  5. I was using C&D's actual observed gas mileage, which was worse for the GTO, not the EPA #s which we all know don't mean squat.
  6. 245/45R-17 tires is what was on the '05 GTO that C&D tested.

    Are you suggesting that Pontiac slipped C&D a ringer with good tires for the test?
  7. When you buy a V8, who cares about gas mileage :D Anyone that is looking at gas mileage in a GTO or Stang, should consider looking somewhere else.

  8. I agree completely....

    I was under the impression the 05 GTO was going to have 18's. So if they tested with 17s the performance would actually have been hindered...
  9. With the current prices of gas, I care. Alot of people are using these cars for daily drivers, and gas milage plays a key role in their purchase decision.
  10. Buy a Prius of hybrid vehicle, if you make your decisions that way. Mustang's aren't the type of cars for people who make decisions based on how many MPG's the vehicle gets.
  11. Man, now I have to go out to the newstand again. :nonono:
  12. I never said I make my decision based on gas milage only. You have to look at the total package: price, looks, performance, comfort, GAS MILAGE. If everyone who cared about gas milage had to drive a prius, then that car would make up 99% of the vehicles on the road.
  13. When does the 2005 GTO go on sale?

    I wanted to see what tires the '05 GTO is supposed to come with so I just checked the Pontiac web-site and there is only info. on the 04 GTO, not a single mention of the 2005 GTO. :shrug:
  14. BF Goodrich KWDS A/S tires...
  15. That's what C&D said was on their '05 GTO test car, but are they still 17ers or are they supposed to be 18" as someone else said?
  16. I'm sorry, but that is quite incorrect. Only the automatic gets the gas guzzler tax. But don't take my word for it, go to Pontiac's GTO page and build one with the manual and with the auto and see what happens.

    "Contraire" or not.

    Around town mileage is a wash, and probably a bit better with Mustang. On the highway, the EPA rating for the GTO is ~18% better than the 05 GT.

    I'll take your word for it.

    I haven't seen the article, but ok. C&D likely didn't do a lot of highway driving, but then again, I don't know.

    I'm sorry, I can't see how you figure those numbers, but if you wish to believe it, then ok.

    Much like MSRP, when internet racing, the EPA numbers are about all there is to go by.

    Believe it or not, it matters to me....not that it mattered enough to convince me to buy a Prius over my Cobra. :)

  17. The slalom isn't important? Of course it is, and the GT easily won there as well as the skidpad. That said, you're looking at a glass half empty simply because you're biased. It wasn't reversed though... The Mustang won. :D

    Many people feel the same. That hasn't prevented millions from buying Mustangs though.
    Uh huh... So where's your ZO6? Performance 1st. :rolleyes:

    The GTO niche, not the "performance 1st" niche. Hence, no ZO6 or the like.
    The Mustang chassis would be needed as well, based on how it sticks better.
    More of your guesses. It must suck to live in 2nd place. :bang: :rlaugh:

    Honestly, the 2005 GTO is quicker and faster than the 2005 MustangGT. It also stops from 60mph slightly quicker(in the test). That's where it's performance advantage ends, and it's likeability should, but doesn't, take over. The interior is debateable really. The GTO fans prefer it, and visa versa. I laugh that so many GTO fans have determined a car most haven't even seen the interior of in person, is "cheesy plastic" or "weak" or "lower quality" though. Fact is, Ford interior quality has been ahead of GM's for years on end. The GTO is no exception really, made in Australia or not.
  18. I'd like to say one more thing again...just for the record:

  19. My ? is why are we trying to debate with these niche gto people. They have a web site! And I do not see many Mustang guys on their site trying to cause a fuss. And the fact remains that for bang for the buck, Mustang is still the Best!
  20. I think the issue is that most people in the market for a fast car just want it to be fast for cheap.

    ala the Mustang GT....