Car and Driver Review- 05 Stang vs. 05 GTO

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  1. Take mine! :D That's the deal. I've read it numerous times on their website.

    The '05GTO doesn't have a better rating Bob(the '04 does). You knew that, but I had ta point'er out! :stick:

    The Mustang only "needs" 87 Octane. 91 is considered high octane in some places, and GM recommends that or higher for the GTO. Personally, use the lowest grade that doesn't cause ping.

    Fuel mileage matters to me as well. If I'm looking for a good performer for under 40K that carries 4 people, I'd be more likely to get a 2004 GTO than the 2005 model. I prefer the Mustang over those, but that's beside the point. My daily driver is a "work truck" F-350 Crew Cab. But at least it's got a POWERSTROKE! :D It gets better mileage than my Mustang. Of course, the Mustang makes more hp than the truck makes torque. :p

    Anyway, the Mustang won that comparison. Surely it won't win every comparison, so it hardly matters in the scheme of thngs.
  2. I agree. When I started this thread, I had no idea that it would draw so many responses from GTO fans. I have never been to a GTO forum. The only GTO site I have ever been on is official GM / Pontiac web-site, just to check out info & pricing on the GTO. It seems that very few Mustang fans have ever gont to GTO forums, but all the Mustang forums are filled with GTO fans who are trying to hassle us.

    What's up with that? :shrug:
  3. I guess you guys should make this a private forum by invitation only?
  4. I posted this question today on another thread, I am pasting it below because it goes hand in hand with your question.

    "Why do the GTO guys come in on almost every thread and try and to stir up the 05 GT guys? I am in the market for a new ride and have it narrowed down to an 05 GTO and an 05 GT and visit multiple sites to get info, but I must say the Mustang guys are much more civilized and when speaking of the GTO do so with respect for the most part. When I am on the GTO site I read a lot of Mustang bashing or any non-GM bashing for that matter. I am not brand loyal and have owned brands of all kinds and I buy what I like, I will judge a vehicle by its merit not its brand name. Both cars are great, it looks like I have a tough choice. Great site guys."
  5. OK you got me on this one. I knew both the auto and manual GTO were approximately the same price. I assumed that it was because of the gas guzzler tax. I checked the Pontiac web site and you are correct. Very interesting that on the GTO you actually have to pay extra for a manual trannie. They must be doing that to offset the auto gas guzzler tax to make the price of both similar.
  6. Correct, and I pointed that out in my first post. :) I don't know if the 05 EPA numbers have been released. Perhaps their in the C&D test? If somebody has it, please respond.

    And I agree with the rest of your comments. :) is a simple fact of the internet Forums that in a public site, when you post a comparison between two competing cars, you're going to some folks for "the other side" coming over to "defend" their side.

    It happens everywhere.
  7. I miss the days when the debate was Mustang vs. Camaro/Firebird. Now all the GM guys have to brag about is a Grand Prix on steriods. :rolleyes:

  8. At the time the C&D article was written the EPA #s had not been released.
    They estimated 15/27 MPG.

    I am still shocked at the # of GTO lurkers & participants here. As I said I never have been to a GTO form. Must be the Mustang mystique that sucks them over here.
  9. 15 stinks - that would suck. 27 is decent.

    I'm a Mustang guy, and am registered on a variety of sites, including F-body, Vette, and even a GTO Forum. I spend the majority of my time on Mustang sites (for obvious reasons), but as an enthusiasts first, and a Mustang nut second, I still like to jabber about the other makes.
  10. do the GTO's have the skip shift feature like the Camaros? if so, that would account for the 17mpg city. otherwise i can't see it getting 17mpg city without it.
  11. Most Mustang owners are quite loyal thats why the car has been around for 40 years. The same way a Harley rider wouldn't be caught dead on a crotch rocket, most of us feel the same way about our Stangs. Even if it broke down 10 miles from home in the pouring rain I still wouldn't trade it for a GTO. I was excited when I heard they were going to bring back the GTO, but I was also disappointed that it was made in Australia, and a spinoff from some other car if I remember correctly. Yes, I admit in stock trim the GTO is faster but if I were you I would not try to go head to head with a Mustang unless you were sure it was stock. Of all the Stang drivers I know none of them are stock including my 71 year old friend with his '96 V6. . We don't roll like that. :flag:
  12. Has anyone here that said the GTO interior is cheap actually sat in one, let alone drive one? Or are you under the assumption that "it's GM; it MUST have a crappy interior."

    I'm not knocking the new Mustang because I've only seen them driving by. I was actually thinking of getting one till I saw the killer deals people were getting on the '04 Goats. Believe it or not, I paid just couple hundred more for the GTO than what the "premium package" on the GT goes for.
  13. I really have no problem with this for one simple reason: the fact that you see Mustangs everywhere is why it's been in existance for 40 years and is still going strong to this day.
  14. "Since the GTO requires 92 octane premium gas, it nees to get 10% better gas mileage just to have the same fuel cost as the Mustang. And premium gas takes more crude oil to manufacture."

    This can't be correct. So the GTO won't be available in California where all we get is 91????

    Sidebar: how do you do the whole quoting thing and make it look presentable?
  15. It's a recommended fuel octane, not the only thing the engine will run with. This is typical due to high compression.

    Simply click "quote" at the bottom right of the post you wish to have quoted.

    If you want to seperate areas, simply type [ quote ](no spaces) at the beginning and [/ quote ](no spaces) at the end of the parts you want quoted.
  16. who cares what the others are driving, even if everybody has a car like yours, who cares..., you're the owner, you're the one who has to drive and enjoy your car...

    since when does it matter what car and driver says???, if i remember, they said the sti was better than the 03 cobra or some bs like that.

    if you have $35k-40k (i don't know the price on the 05 gto but whatever) and want to have a 400hp car, go ahead and buy the 05 gto, if you have 25k and want to buy a 300hp car, go ahead and buy the 05 mustang GT. either way you would happy with whatever you choose.
    one has more power than the other, and it would translate in better et's and higher mph. go with your preference/pocket :flag:

    now, the problem would start for the 05 gt owners that want to have 05 gto power out of the door, it won't happen, you won't be able to outperform that car, so what????, if you bougth a 05 GT thinking it was going to smoke a 05 gto, or ls1 gto's, or ls1 fbodys, new edge cobras/mach1's you are making pi out of the wc, it won't happen in stock trim. then, mods would be coming your way... so what???, you would have tons of fun modding your car to be faster,
    anyway you look at it, you would have fun with whatever you choose :nice:
  17. I think GM did a good job with the GTO. I like it in black.

    What I do not like about it is the owners. They are akin to Corvette owners. Actually believing they are the baddest thing going, beleiving the sales hype.

    I quit racing them, they are slow.

    Whatever, if you need a rivalry, you can have it. Come find me in my Cobra. Put $5,000 more into an 05 GT thus equalling what a GTO owner invested) and it'll spank you till Sunday.

    And the interiors are nice. Not a bad car.
  19. I just have to add, those who have noticed the GM guys bashing Ford and others and generally acting like yahoos, you're not alone, it's the same here in Aus. It seems every young turd with a Holden (GM) thinks their car is the biz and races everything they come across, with their mates hanging out the windows yelling crude redneck comments. I have yet to see one Ford owner, young bloke or not being as stupid and inbred as most of the Holden yahoos.

    It seems like it is Holden fans are "Holden!! TEH BESTNESS, CANNOT LOSE!!!" and Ford people go "Yeh it kicks ass." when talking about their own vehicle.

    And Ruffy, the Monaro, Pontiac's GTO is a two-door version of Holden's commodore - a family sedan. The two-door car took one million dollars and nine months from conception to start of production. It's nothing special.
  20. You've hit on something here. "Regularly" vs. newly registered and largley posting in one area alone. Thanks for counting though... I didn't know 4 could account for so many negative posts in such a short time!

    I agree with this and for the most part, don't want anyone to leave, even when I find them less than acceptable to me. It's not like I'm inviting them over for dinner. Ford owners as well as others qualify as folks not invited to my parties.

    Finances have absolutely nothing to do with it, because people buying these cars have already determined they'll buy fuel as needed. The fact is, Ford Motor Company and General Motors alike, add recommened octane ratings for their vehicles. In the case of the LS series, that is 91 or higher from most indications(excluding trucks). For the 4.6L SOHC, it's 87. The impact is what's sacrificed. It will likely cost more to operate the LS2 than the 4.6L SOHC based on using the recommended fuel and driving the same number of hours in similar conditions.