Car Audio: 4-ch Amplifier Under Passenger Seat?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by BLK90LX, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Has anyone successfully installed an aftermarket 4-ch amplifier under the passenger seat in a Fox? I have two Pioneer 4-ch amps and neither one stands a chance of fitting under the seat. Just curious if anyone has found a newer (and smaller) 4-ch amp. RMS power output needs to be 30-50W per channel.

    Thank you
  2. Have you tried the back of the rear seat. I have mine mounted to a board and attached to rail behind the rear seat in the trunk, but its a coupe. I might have the same amp a 4x50, and another cheap one on the sub.
  3. Yes I did
    About 15 yrs ago I had quite the system in my '88vert. I had a Kicker 250watt 4-ch amp mounted under the passenger seat. I had a Kicker 600watt amp and two 10" Solobaric subs installed in a custom built enclosure (by me) in the trunk.
    I spent alot of money, time and effort acquiring and installing the system therefore it was completely unnoticeable unless I opened the trunk or CRANKED IT! LOL

    It sounded great but I have since restored the car. I have removed everything except the head unit and speakers.
  4. Yep, same as above. Back in the mid nineties I had installed a 4 channel amp under my passenger seat and a single channel sub amplifier under my driver seat in my 88 notch. Great spot to hide them and so easy to install if you take off the seats first.
  5. yep. I installed a alpine amp under my passenger seat 3 months ago. no problems.