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  1. The BX 1000D is 1Ohm stable....1000x1 @ 1ohm (watts RMS)

    Thats what I want isn't it? I've been readin some reviews on it and it puts out more like 1100 @ 1Ohm, which would be 550 to each sub. Which is nearly perfect since my box size it 1.5cF instead of the 1cF ED recommends right? The bigger the box the less power needed from the amp.

  2. Well, the subs are dual 2ohm, so if you wired the VC's in series, you get 4ohm's on one sub and then if you wired the subs in parallel, it's only a 2ohm load. If you wired the VC's in parallel you get 1ohm per sub and if you wired the subs in series, you still get a 2ohm load on the amp. There's just no way to get a 1ohm load. It's either 2ohms or .5ohms.

    EDIT: Here's a link that might help:
  3. I was under the impression that I would be getting a 1Ohm load... sorry about that :). I understand now.
  4. dunno if its been said, but i just found another site seems like a cool place
  5. Hey... I decided to get the JBL 1200.1 and wire everything in series. From the diagram it looks like I don't do anything with the back VC except wire the +/- together, so does that mean they aren't getting power? I don't know, all I know is Im excited :).

    Anyway, the Alpine 7995 came, and my components and avionixx amp came as well... now I need subs and my other amp. :).

    Thanks for the help
  6. John,

    Good decision. I think you will really like the JBL 1200.1 -- I had mine for many months and it performed like a champ with every combination of subs that I hooked up to it.

  7. Are the x-overs on it as bad as everyone says... it was the only bad thing I read about it.
  8. Just a quick note about the wiring: when you wire it up, you should have both VC's working.
    In the picture, it looks like one VC is just wired between it's own two terminals, but it's two separate VC's, one VC is represented by the +- on the top and the other is the bottom one. It's actually a series-parallel configuration. You wire up the VC's in each sub in series and then wire up the subs in parallel.

    EDIT: Good choice on the amp, BTW, should power the 12a's quite nicely :nice:
  9. Well everything is here except the box. I'm thinking about getting a couple rolls of eDead or some other type of sound deadener just because I esnt everything to sound perfect. This is turning into a bigger project than I expected :).
  10. So what did you decide on the box? Are you having it custom made? Be sure to take some pics of the final install. If you do decide to get eDead, I've heard that the v1 sticks better on the doors and other vertical/upside down surfaces than the v2. I still need to get some too, but I was thinking of second skin. The rep on caraudioforum gives 40% off the price and ships it free to members, so I was thinking of going that route. You'll notice especially that the doors will need some deadening after you put the CDT's in. Their midbass is amazing, but it vibrates the door too much with no deadening.
    Good luck with the install and hope it sounds good. :nice:
  11. I have everything in the garage :). The subs look amazing in person, and I decided to save some money and get a box without the plexiglass mounting plate. Anyway I am going to start the installation saturday morning. I'm going to eDead every possible place I can tomorrow, and hopefully get a little more than that done. Hoping to be done Sunday night. Wish me luck

  12. Getting the eDead done is taking longer than expected. Had a couple of set backs when the carpet wouldn't fit right and I had to make some adjustments. Also broke the door panel clips so that was a little bit of a PITA as well. I'm really taking my time on this so I don't think it's gonna be done until mid-week.
  13. Yeah, sound deadener takes a while if you do it right. Just doing two layers on my doors took about 3-4 hours per door. I took my time, and it turned out really good, so if it's taking a while, that's pretty usual. If you use a heat gun, it get's the deadener a little easier to work with and might save you some time.
  14. I let it sit out in the sun for a little bit before i started doing it. It's def. taking a lot more time than I expected lol.
  15. "Sit out in the sun" LOL. Must be nice, it's loke 10deg and snowing here. The deadener will probably be the most time consuming part of the install. As long as the door panels are off as well as the carpet, it's pretty easy to run wires and install the door speakers while you're there.
  16. Im used to it being cold out right now... I just moved to FL from NJ in July. I read on the soundillsuion forums that letting it sit out in the sun for 20 minutes made it a lot easier to work with, so I gave it a try. I planned on running the speaker wire while everything was off as well :). I'll let ya know how it all comes out.
  17. Well, I finally finished everything, put the final touches on it this morning. I'll try to have pictures as soon as I can get my hands on a digital camera.

    Anyway I have the subs playing at a real low volume just so I can break the sub's suspension in before I really start pumping it. So far from what I can tell it's gonna be loud :). Tonight I'll give a full review.
  18. Glad to hear you got it all installed. Kinda gives you a good feeling when you do it all yourself. Yeah, it should be loud with what you're running. The SQ of those subs is amazing, too, so they should sound pretty clean, too. Good thing you're breaking in the subs and speakers before you start cranking them.

    I'm looking forward to your review. I have the classic series CDT's, but haven't heard the HD's. Might be a possible upgrade in the future.

    Well, good job doing the install, can't wait to see pics. :nice:

    BTW, have you noticed any dimming or any other problems with your electrical system?
  19. Okay here we go... review time.

    On an Overall basis I am very happy with everything I have just installed. My system has crystal clear sound quality and gets extremely loud, I can barely ride around in the car with the volume above 14 lol. I'll guess I'll review every part of the system separately.

    Alpine 7995: I wasn't expecting this HU to have as many options as it does. I am not too experienced with Car Audio, but I’m not exactly oblivious about it, and I had to go online to find out what all the settings and thing were because the owners manual that came with it kind of sucked. The Head unit doesn't have an internal amp which is a good thing since I planned to run the components off a separate amp. Looks wise I love it, because it's got blue lighting which matches my cars exterior lol :nice:. I'd recommend this HU to anyone.

    CDT CHD-62 Components: At first I was going to get 5.25” components instead of 6.5” but I was convinced not to. First of all let’s just say making the bracket that adapts the 6x8 opening to a 6.5” was a PITA. After failing multiple times I decide to run over to the local car audio dealer and ask if they had any. They didn’t have any but they said they could make them for me and have them ready for me before the end of the day. I got them and continued the install. These Components are the best I’ve ever heard, they have excellent mid-bass response and the tweeter is not harsh at all. You have to hear them to understand how good they sound. I read online as they are power hungry so maybe I need to get another amp for them :).

    Avionixx 400.2: At first I was going to get the 400.4 so I could have rear fill, but it was decided that the car would sound better without it. So I bought the the 400.2. This amp was cheap, but has gotten excellent reviews. It’s giving the components a clean 125w each and it’s pretty small in size from other amps I’ve seen. I don’t have any complaints about it.

    E10A.22 Subwoofers: Well I bought two of these, and I probably only needed one. These subs sound amazing. I’ve had an Audiomobile Mass 2012, and these subs destroy it. The excursion on them is fun to watch, the sound quality is dead on, and they get LOUD. I was playing around with the car after everything was broken in and I decide to pump the stereo and go inside to see what it did to the house. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING was shaking, it felt like and earthquake pretty much. I’m very happy with these subs.

    JBL 1200.1: I’m very pleased with this amp as well. It doesn’t have all the gizmos and gadgets like on the more expensive amps, but it you need power this thing supplies. It’s like one big block of power lol. I think its a little power hungry since when the volume goes up everything dims and fades. I think I need a new alternator. The X-over system IMHO is crap, but you do get a 1Ohm stable amp for a great price so it can be overlooked.

    eDead: Installing this stuff was a PITA. It’s very time consuming and can be very tricky to work with. I used a Layer of V.2 on the bottom of the floor, and than a Layer of V.1 on top of it and it made my carpet not want to go back on right… so I had to spend a few hours just trying to make the carpet fit right. I did the same thing for the door panels. I put V.1 pretty much everywhere else I could get it. This was the most time consuming process and I still need to put some on my ceiling but I ran out of stuff. Let it sit out in the heat some before using so it becomes easier to work with, and make sure the surface you’re applying it to is CLEAN or else it won’t stick properly. Also, it’s a good idea to run your wire while you have all your panels off and carpet out :).

    As I said, overall I am very happy with this stereo. I need to buy a new alternator because of dimming problems, and I ran into other minor problems throughout the install, but overall I am very pleased with the job I have done. If ya get any questions please ask :nice: