Car Back together and running

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by mytight95, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Well after yesterday aft. and today my car is back on the road and running great. I had one incident with the timing the first time i started it, i had an exhaust clamp on the turndowns holding them on and it blew one off it backfired so bad :lol: i do think it was pretty loose though. I am giving the computer time to relearn, and i can already tell the diff. if you shift into second low rpm, then stomp it with the gears it blows the tires away, and if you run out the rpm and slam third it spins a good bit.

    work that was done was e7's shaved /035 and new 550 lift springs, mild port and cleanup on head ports, t-moss lower intake, and a 1/2 inch intake spacer(haven't forgot you rio)

    I really like the new found torque, runs damn fine just thought i wouldpost about my first heads off etc. major work done to my car. it wasn't as bad as it is made out to be... but was a very intensive process. lol

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    thanks for looking
  2. Cool...glad she's up an running....give it a few days for yourself to learn where the powerband is....I know for a fact it'll smolder em pretty decent in 2nd...lotsa TQ...
  3. yeah i pulled off from a light and pulled off in second gear, and let it get to around 2200 etc. and then stomped it and it was funny as he.... lol, it just let smoke everywhere behind me, will it adjust over the next few days, to the new airflow etc. The good thing is it will pull to well over 5500 now with the cam and the new springs. i bounced off the rev limiter twice already.