Car Bogs Under Throttle

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  1. Got a 79 notchback 5.0l 2bbl carb was out of tune bad when I got it po said it was a recent rebuild looks to be quite fresh unfortunately after tuning the carb in the car ran well for a day or so then carb seemed to detune itself... It will idle decent an the second you touch the throttle it start shaking a bogging like crazy. I've rebuilt an cleaned the carb an still no luck.... Saw some junk In the jets once but nothing since then.... Any one have this problem or any thoughts??
  2. i had a similar problem on a built 350 chevy...i replaced the carb and it was fine.
  3. Do you have a fuel filter on the inlet to the carb? If so, replace it. If not, install one. The probability is that some dirt is stuck in the tiny passageways inside the carb.

    You need to take the carb off the car and disassemble it. You will need to blow compressed air through all the passageways to remove the dirt. This will probably require a rebuild kit, which will come with a printout of all the parts and some tips on taking it apart and properly reassembling it.
    There is probably a filter built into the inlet fitting, and if there is, it may be clogged. Pay close attention to the float needle valve and the correct float level setting when reassembling the carb.
  4. It does have the filter inlet also I have added. An inline filter to see if anything is coming through...
    I have rebuilt the carb a few time sprayed all the jets and ports and everything with little to no improvement