1. Looking for a fitted cover to put on my 89 GT. Stored indoors so dont need anything super protective but would like a good fit. Any one you guys recommend?
  2. I use a carcover noah on mine, its likely more that needed for inside but I got it from a buddy who sold his car years ago and it fits great and does the job

    I would look at CL for deals.
  3. I've got a Covercraft cover for my coupe from CJ Pony Parts. Fits great. The standard cover will run you about $165 after discount.
  4. Ive got one from another car that works, just doesnt fit all that well. Should I even worry about it. It stays indoors.

  5. I had non fitted covers for for lots of years, the one i have now is fitted. Does it do anything better being on a inside car, nope.

    I wouldn't worry about a new cover
  6. well theres a black fitted one on the 'bay i might just pick up for not too much $$
  7. black, so fancy!
  8. never understood why most of em are grey or tan...bleh
  9. ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21369604505.853066.jpg

    Fitted not fancy...
  10. love the hangin chair!
  11. cover_opt (1).jpg
    California Car Cover superweave, fits like a glove and is nice and light.
  12. I have a fitted cover from when i used to store my car outside.

    Inside the storage unit, i just use a cheap Autozone cover to keep the dust off it. With no breeze inside, a non-fitted cover works fine. Really does help cut down on the dust