Car Cuts Out/dies With No Thottle

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SAY GO, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I have a 92 306, h/c/I supercharged (belt is off with the same problem) not really sure where to begin. The car will start and idle for about a minute and die when not kept running with the throttle, and when driving under any sort of acceleration it wants to consistently cut out but stays running, now a few weeks ago I did fry my brand new chip when I had a hot wire hit it on the ECM, I thought for sure I took the ECM out as well, but after replacing the chip (base tune for injectors) the car seemed to run great until I went to bring it home, it started displaying the symptom's its having now but it did eventually stall and I didn't trust it to make the 10 mile journey home, so had it towed. Since then I have taken the electric fan out (overheating issues), changed the fuel filter and gasoline (thought old gas may have played a part) new plugs as well, I'm just not sure where to go next, I had the ignition module tested today at Advanced and it was fine, mass air? engine harness? Thanks
  2. You guys with idle/stall problems could save a lot of time chasing your tails if you would go through the Surging Idle Checklist. Over 50 different people contributed information to it. The first two posts have all the fixes, and steps through the how to find and fix your idle problems without spending a lot of time and money. I continue to update it as more people post fixes or ask questions. You can post questions to that sticky and have your name and idle problem recognized. The guys with original problems and fixes get their posts added to the main fix. :D:

    It's free, I don't get anything for the use of it except knowing I helped a fellow Mustang enthusiast with his car. At last check, it had more than 125,000 hits, which indicates it does help fix idle problems quickly and inexpensively.