car cutting off for no

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  1. my 95 gt has ben cutting off after being driven for long periods of time.. like an hour or more. then it recently started cutting off whenever it wants to. sometimes it will continue to barely run, and if i hold the throttle down it will go to like 4000rpm ad then slowly go down to 1000rpm and then jump back up to 4000rpm again without ever taking my foot off the throttle. when it does cut off, it will usually start back up ad 10 - 15 minutes. help. (i've replaced the coil, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, thingy down in the distributor, fuel filter and air
  2. by "thingy" down in the dist are you talking about the PIP sensor? What about the TFI module?
  3. Sounds like you are have fuel pump problems or possible relay!
  4. make sure when you first turn your key when you get in the car that your fuel pump is priming as it should. it may not sound all to different but if youre "in tune" with your car like most of us you may notice...and yes for sure check your tfi they like to short out once they get hot keep in mind the stock tfi is a pain in the ass to get out because the holes for the bolts/screws were made really small i had to bore mine out with a roto zip to get a socket on them...then when you do make sure you go to a local electronics store or even a parts store if they have it and get thermal compound to put on the back of the tfi so the heatsync its bolted too will cool it properly if you dont it will just burn out again
  5. as they said, check fuel pressure.
    check IAC, TP voltage, vacuum leaks.
    then if all that is ok, remove the pcm, take it apart and inspect the 3 silver capacitors for brown colored leaks.